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Members Profiles

Our Prayer List is growing. Team mate Ronald Anderson (Rambo) is in the hospital, recovering from an operation on Tues. Jan. 30 th. Racer Henry Turner is also recovering from a procedure at home. We also pray for Mr. Peabody of the Classic Car Club.

We continue to ask for Prayers for our teammate's wife, Mrs. Allen, and our President's brothers son.

Bracket Masters Racing Team had their 1st meeting of the new year on Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018, at IHOP on Harding Blvd. We had 15 people in attendance and took in two new members, Mr. Freddie Christopher and Mr. Melvin Scott. We are very happy to welcome our new members.

All members have been urged to bring a guest to the February meeting. Team meetings are held on the 4th Sunday of each month at IHOP on Harding Blvd. We are looking for new members from all walks of life. You do not have to be a racer or car owner. We need all types of support members.

Team Meeting PHOTOS

Jan. 31, 2018


Racing Season Is Here! Let The Big Motors Roar!!! Let The Small Blocks Scream!!! Smell The Rubber, Watch The Smoke! Cut Down The Tree! Watch For The Win Light! Losers, Buy Back, Winners Move On!


Bracket Masters Racing Team Had A Great Time In The Chaneyville Christmas Parade. Many Children are Blessed with Bikes

Merry Christmas! Christmas came early for about 20 children that attended the parade. The ultimate "throw" for the children. The racing team collected bikes from the team members, sponsors, other racers and friends to help with the blessings.

The team participation was very limited this year due to the early "White Christmas" that blacked our area, along with the low temps. that kept the ground covered with snow. Baton Rouge will not have to dream about a White Christmas, just remember the first week in December, 2017.

See Parade PHOTOS

December 14, 2017


Bracket Masters Racing Team Will Roll In Chaneyville Christmas Parade and Bike Give-away

The annual Chaneyville Christmas Parade will be held on Saturday morning, Dec. 9, 2017. The team will take several race cars and gifts for the kids.

The team has collected over 10 new kids bikes to give away at the end of the parade to kids that may not be able to get a bike for Christmas. Many local merchants have helped with the bike give-away. We have also collected some bikes from local racers and our own team members.

PHOTOS - Past Chaneyville Parade

Nov. 30, 2017


Members of Bracket Masters Racing Team Visit Glen Oaks High School Auto Tech Program

Glen Oaks High School was a victim of the August 2016 Flood in Baton Rouge and has just recently reopened the main campus to classes. With the opening of the school, a new Auto Tech Program is being put into place. As you will see when you look at the photos, there is not much left of a once proud program.

The new instructor, Mr. David, has grand plans in mind for the education and certification of his students. He knows it will be a long road, but the EBR School is investing a lot of money and resources into the project.

Bracket Masters Racing Team President, Tarrus Jones, has commuted to helping the schools Auto Tech Program get back up and running. Team members will volunteer time monthly to help out. Some of the team members will bring their cars to the school for show-and-tell.

Team Members that were present today: Tarrus Jones, James Allen (with his car), Skip Holbert, Patrick Lars and Earl Mackey.

Help form the community would be greatly appreciated. In addition to the Auto Tech Program, there is also a Welding Program.


Nov. 9, 2017


Bracket Masters 12th Fathers Day Classic

The race was great! Everyone had a nice time, the rain stopped about 30 min. before time trials begin and the track was so hot it almost dried itself.

The Jr. Dragster racers finished in the morning and the kids were awarded metals for participating. The winners and and runner-up drivers got plaques.

The Big cars started around 4pm and each car was given two time trials before eliminations started. We did not have one oil down or major spill. All of the drivers are to be congratulated for bringing there well prepared cars out and shaving a lot of fun without holding up for track clean-up.

The annual raffle was held and the awards for Father and son and father and daughter of the year were given out.


2017 Fathers Day Classic photos -

Jr. Dragster

Big Cars

The Spectators & Misc. Photos

Bracket Masters Racing Team



Jr. Dragster - Winners & R/U

Big Car Awards

Fathers, Daughter & Son Awards

Raffle Drawing

June 20, 2017



The 2017 Fathers Day Classic is shaping up to be the best race and family outing yet. Members of Bracket Masters are planning to have one of the best raffles yet. Prizes are being purchased and the tickets will be ready for sale shortly. Every member will have tickets for sale.

Team members will also have T-Shirts for sale. The new T-shirt is very nice and will become a collectors item.

Bracket Masters 2017 T-Shirt (still available)

We hope many families come out and enjoy the racing and fun under the trees in the shaded picnic area or under the covered area next to the starting line. During the break, we plan to have food and drinks on the spectators side of the track where team members will be grilling and passing the time.

Come by and see the Bracket Masters Racing Team cars on display. Each member with a car will make an exhibition pass during the day to let the spectators see our cars preform on the track.


Saturday At The Track (Bracket Masters) May 27, 2017

Bracket Masters Racing Team had a team meeting at State Capitol Raceway on Saturday, May 28, 2017. Three new members were taken in, Rev. Malcolm Stovall, Joe Scott Rambo and Silas Jr.

Team members, President Tarrus Jones, Mark Washington, Willie Davis and Skip Holbert had their cars on hand to run in eliminations. All except Mr. Skip ran in Non-Electronics class, while Outlaw ran the Mr. Skip Camaro in Top Doorslammer class.

Outlaw won in round one, of Top Doorslammer, taking out Jessie Marceaux, who beat us just two weeks ago in the first round. We lost to Jessie's dad in the 2nd round on a double break-out, and bought back into Super Pro. We won in the 3rd round of Super Pro before losing in the 4th round.

Mark and Willie did much better. Both team members won in the first three rounds and met each other in round 4 of Non-E, where Willie Davis and his Duster took out Mark's Chevrolet Wagon on a hole shot. Willie lost in round 5, but took home some money and a $$ Sticker.

All in all it was a very good day at the track. Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Washington and Mrs. Holbert (Barbara) and Johnny Tate were on hand.

PHOTOS From Saturday At SCR



Photos (Tarrus) Of Team Testing At SCR - 1-29-17

More Photos From Test Day At SCR - 1-29-2017


Wilfred Guerin Returns to State Capitol Raceway After Illness
Photos With Bracket Masters Racing Team - 10/29/2016

State Capitol Raceway Web Site

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