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Bracket Masters Racing Team

Celebrates 20th Anniversary!


The team was formed in the first week in January of 1996 under the leadership of Mr. Johnnie Tate, who became the first President. Johnny served as President for two years. Johnny is the current Vice President. The current President is Mr. Tarrus Jones.
The original team consisted of nine members: Johnny Tate - President, Glend McDonald - Vice President, Glenn Davis - Secretary, Skip Holbert - Treasurer, J. Lacey - Arms, Ben Ray Brown, J. C. Floyd, Houston Hawkins and George Patin. The current members are listed on the team web site in the Members Profiles section.

The initial meetings were held in the garage of George Patin. Later, the members decided to host meetings at their homes and provide food and beverages. The team members participated in parades, visited high schools, middle schools and elementary schools with their cars in addition to racing at local tracks and some to the tracks within a one day drive from Baton Rouge.
Later, the team was selected by NHRA and the U. S. Army to be a member of their Youth Educational Services program (YES) that provides educational materials to high school students pointing out the benefits and job opportunities available in the automotive industry. YES looks at racing as a job and shows all the skills needed to operate a racing organization. This ranges from a racing team to a track owner/operator, skilled mechanics, automotive technicians, parts technicians and computer operators working in the tower during the race. Of course there are many journalist, photographers, radio and TV personalities and auto insurance specialist associated with racing.
The team has sponsored several trips for high school students to travel to major events all over our area. The team has been invited to participate in many of the area "Career Day" programs where the cars are shown and a presentation is given discussing racing as a business opportunity and the automotive industry.
The team has been very active in community service. The team has donated several thousand dollars to schools, individuals and groups in the Metro Baton Rouge area during times of grief, hard luck and disasters. The team provided over $2000 worth of toys to the "Katrina Kids", living in trailer parks around Baton Rouge the Christmas following the flood in New Orleans.
The team has also partnered with the East Baton Rouge Constable's office to help with their Cub Scout and Boy Scout programs. The team has also sponsored Thanksgiving dinners for several needy families in the area each year for the past several years. We have also held charity events to help racers and their families that are not members of our racing team.
Each year Bracket Masters Racing Team sponsors a race at State Capitol Raceway on Father's Day weekend. Part of the profits from that event goes to organizations in the area and other national organizations such as, Racers for Christ, and the D.A.R.E. program.
Bracket Masters Racing Team, Inc. is a Louisiana corporation, registered with the Secretary of State of Louisiana, since 2001.
January 2001 was also the year that the team web site,, was established. The web site is celebrating its 15th anniversary. The site has averaged over 900,000 hits per year since it was established.
During the past 20 years the team has traveled all over the eastern United States and raced at some of the premier racing facilities in the country. We have been as far north as Budd’s Creek, MD [Maryland International Raceway (MIR)] to race with the Quartermasters Racing Team at their annual race, and we have raced in St. Louis, MO, at Gateway International Raceway, visiting with the United Black Drag Racers Association at their "Black Sunday" event several times. We attended one Buffalo Soldiers race in Cincinnati, OH. The team has traveled to the Super Pontiac Show in Dallas, TX and several times we have raced at Houston Raceway Park. The tracks in Atmore, AL, Birmingham, AL, Theodore, AL, Hattiesburg, MS, Gulfport, MS and Memphis, TN are all places that the team has visited.
In the year 2000, the Quartermasters Racing Team issued a challenge to the racing teams around the country. They wanted to travel to different tracks and have a mini drag racing circuit hosted by the teams in the different areas of the country.
In January 2000 Quartermasters sponsored a Millennium Drag Racing Conference in Clinton, MD, just outside of Washington, DC. The conference was well attended by racing teams from all over the eastern USA. Quartermasters provided speakers and held break-out sessions on such subjects as, track negotiations, advertising, how to talk to potential sponsors, Power-point presentations and many other subjects to help our teams get started.
Born out of that conference, Bracket Masters Racing Team sponsored the first Louisiana Drag Classic at State Capitol Dragway in the fall of 2000. Our race was well attended by racers and teams from Maryland, St. Louis, Tenn., Arkansas, New York, Texas and Mississippi. Everyone had a good time.
The first two Louisiana Drag Classics, 2001-2002, were at State Capitol Dragway. The final two races were at No Problem Raceway Park, 2003-2004. The 2005 event was scheduled for the weekend that Hurricane Katrina hit the area and the race was canceled just three days before hurricane.
Our team started the annual Father’s Day Race in 2006 and has sponsored that event every year since then. The Father’s Day race is one of the highest attendance races given at State Capitol Raceway, under new ownership and a new name, each year. The new owners, The Lewis Companies and Track Manager Gary Carter, have been excellent partners since taking over the track.
During 2015, Glen Oaks High School opened their Auto Tech Program and asked the members of Bracket Masters Racing Team to help get the program started. The program had been shut down since 2009. The team had been a constant supporter of the program before they were forced to abandon the program. We are looking forward to a continued relationship with the Glen Oaks High School Auto Tech Program.
Bracket Masters Racing Team has sponsored a Father's Day weekend event at State Capitol Raceway for the past 9 years. The event is a fun family event and the team members and families look forward to it each year. This year, 2016, the race will be held on Sat. June 18th. The Saturday race date allows racers and spectators to spend time with their families and attend church on Father's Day.
Bracket Masters Racing Team would like to thank all the racers and persons that have supported us at events, purchasing our raffle tickets, and helping our racing team during the past 20 years. We hope we can continue to be a beacon light in the racing community and in our neighborhoods by setting good examples with good sportsmanship on the track and off the track.

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