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         Bracket Masters Racing TEAM Incorporation

Approved BY LAWS –  April 11, 2004
Amended, October 24, 2004


1.1 Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the Organization shall be from January 1st. to December 31st.

1.2 General Meetings

            1.2.1 Frequency and number

General meetings of the Organization will be held monthly.  Meetings may be rescheduled or waived by decision of the Board of Directors.

            1.2.2 Date and place

The date of general meetings normally will be the 4th Sunday of each month.  The place will be decided at the October annual meeting.  The Board of Directors can change the date and place.

1.3 Board Meetings

The Board of Directors shall meet at a time and place designated by the President, but at least semi-annually.

1.4 Annual Meeting

            1.4.1 Latest date for holding

            The annual meeting shall be held on the second Sunday of October, not later than October 31st.

            1.4.2 Notice for annual general meeting

Notice of the annual meeting shall be given to the membership in writing at least fifteen days in advance of the date, or announced at the preceding general meeting.

1.5 Special Meetings

            1.5.1 Method for convening

Special meetings may be called by the Board of Directors or by presentation of a petition to the Secretary signed by one-half of the members.

            1.5.2 Time limit for holding

            The Secretary shall schedule special meetings within two weeks of receipt of the petition.

1.6 Procedure for Meetings

            1.6.1 Quorum

A quorum at general meetings of the Organization will consist of 20 percent, or one-fifth, of the membership of the Organization, providing one of those present is the President or Vice President.

1.6.2 Lack of a quorum

If there be less than a quorum in attendance at the time for which any general meeting is called, the meeting may, after a lapse of fifteen minutes from the time appointed for the holding of the meeting, be adjourned, by the members or by the directors present, and rescheduled by the chairperson at the meeting, until a quorum shall attend.  Any meeting at which a quorum is present may also be adjourned in like manner for such time as determined by vote.

            1.6.3 Adjourned meetings

At any adjourned meeting at which a quorum shall attend, any business may be transacted which might have been transacted if the meeting had been held as originally called.

1.7 Voting

A majority of the membership present in favor must be obtained on all items on which a vote is taken at general meetings.



2.1 Eligibility

            2.1.1 Member

Membership in the Organization is open to persons of good character, willing to abide by the charter and bylaws of the Organization.

2.2 Application for Membership

2.2.1 Application for membership should be made on a form approved by the Board of Directors. This application should be filled out in full and should be accompanied by one month’s dues and the initiation fee.  Dues and initiation fees are due within two months of admission.

2.2.2 An applicant shall be sponsored by a current member.  Each prospective member, after proper discussion, will be voted on (vote can be at a later meeting), if they obtain a majority of the votes of the members present at a General Meeting. The new member will serve a 6 month probation period before the members approve final admission.  (approved 4/11/04)

2.3 Refusal

The general membership at their discretion, by majority vote, may refuse any application for membership.

2.4 Special Membership

            2.4.1 Honorary membership

Honorary membership for a period of one year renewable, at the discretion of the general membership, may be granted to persons performing a service to the Organization and who support the aims and objectives of the Organization.

2.4.2 Dues and voting Honorary members will have privileges as determined by the Board of Directors or as voted by the majority of members for special occasions.  Honorary members will not pay dues and will not have voting rights. Honorary members may serve on the Board of Directors and will have full voting rights on issues before the Board of Directors.  

2.5 Voting Rights

2.5.1 Members in good standing except honorary members will be entitled to vote on all motions put before the membership and to hold office on the Board of Directors.

2.5.2 Membership is considered granted to a household.  Each household is entitled to one vote.

2.6 Annual Dues

            The annual dues or fees of membership will be fixed by resolution of the Board of Directors and are payable in monthly installments.

2.7 Number of Members

There will be no limitation as to the number of members except as decided by the members.  Membership can be closed, opened or capped for periods decided by the Board of Directors or as voted by the members during monthly meetings.

2.8 Membership Identification Cards

            Membership Identification Cards will be issued to all members in good standing.

2.9 Expulsion of Members

            2.9.1 Causes

The Board of Directors may expel any member whose conduct is prejudicial to the interests or reputation of the Organization.  This expulsion may be performed at any regular meeting or special meeting of the Board of Directors.  

2.9.2 Return of Paraphernalia

Any member expelled as in paragraph 2.9 forfeits all privileges of membership and the balance of his/her dues, and will return to the Organization all identifications badges, jackets, hats or any other item bearing the Organization Logo, upon receipt of notice of exclusion from the Secretary. There will be no reimbursement of any fees or payments of any type collected towards any Organization activity.

2.9.3 Alcohol and Drugs

While taking part in any scheduled event, there will be no consumption of alcohol in restricted areas.  No member shall remain in good standings that abuses prescription drugs or consumes Illegal drugs.

2.9.4 Conduct

There will be no arguments with officials to any event in which the Organization is participating or the Organizations logo is displayed. 

2.10 Monthly Dues

All dues or fees are payable at the monthly general meeting.  The member will automatically be dropped from the membership list if dues become three months late.

2.11 Renewal of Lapsed Members

2.11.1 A member who has been dropped from the membership list under paragraph 2.10 may be reinstated at any time upon payment of the total monthly fees of membership that they owe, plus the sum of $10.00/month late fee.

2.11.2 After a lapsed period of four months, a member is no longer eligible for renewal without reapplication as though they had never been a member of the team. 

2.12 Traveling to Events

2.12.1 When traveling to approved events, the members should leave from a predetermined meeting place and travel together, if possible.  The courtesy of a call to organization members who are traveling to let them know you are not going to be on time for a trip will allow the organization to leave at the predetermined time.  Not all members are required to travel at the same time.

2.12.2 There may be more than one approved event occurring approximately on the same dates that qualify as approved trips. 




3.1 Constitution

The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, the Secretary and other members to bring the total board members to at least nine members.  Board members may be appointed that are outside of the Organization and not members of the team.  The members of the team serving as board members shall be in good standing with the Organization.  These board members shall be responsible for the control and management of the Organizations affairs, property and interests, and may exercise all powers except as otherwise provided by law or in the Articles of Incorporation.

3.2 Election of Members to Board

3.2.1 Time of election At the annual meeting held in October, the members of the Board of Directors, from within the Organization, shall be elected by secret ballot by members of the Organization. Persons that are outside of the Organization that are invited to become members of the Board of Directors are to be nominated and selected by the present Board of Directors. 

3.3 Term of Office

A member may serve as many terms as elected.

3.4 Uncompleted Terms of Office

3.4.1 Member of the Board

In the event of resignation or removal of a member of the Board, the Organization may vote by secret ballot to elect a member of the Organization or a person from outside of the Organization to serve out the remainder of the term.

3.4.2 Vice-President or Treasurer

In the event of the resignation of the Vice-President or the Treasurer, the Organization shall vote, by secret ballot, to elect a member of the Organization to serve out the remainder of the term.

3.4.3 President

In the event of the resignation of the President, the Vice-President will become the President and will in turn be replaced by a member of the Board.

3.4.4 Nomination for Election to the Board By members

Nominations duly moved and seconded may be made by members of the Organization from the floor during the election of directors.

3.5 Signing Officers

Any two signatures, the Treasurer, President, Vice-President or other member designated by the Board of Directors to sign checks, shall be required on all checks issued by Bracket Masters Racing Organization Incorporation.  Only one signature, the Treasurer, shall be required on all receipts issued by the Organization.  The President or Vice-President can also issue receipts.

3.6 Funds in Chartered Bank

The funds of the Organization shall be deposited with any chartered bank in the state of Louisiana as selected by the Treasurer or designated by the Board of Directors.

3.7 Removal of Director

A director of the Organization, upon presentation of a petition, signed by one-half of the members of the Organization, may be removed at a special or regular general meeting of the Board of Directors, provided that the Board of Directors is satisfied that the reasons for removal of that director are valid.  The removed Director will continue to be a member of the Organization, provided he/she was not removed for non-payment of fees or dues.

3.8 Prior Approval of Commitments

3.8.1 Any member without the prior approval of the Board of Directors or a meeting of the full membership, may make no commitment, financial or otherwise, on the behalf of the Organization.

3.8.2 The President may approve purchases or expenditures, not in excess of $100.00, without approval of the members or the Board of Directors or a vote in a general or special meeting.

3.9 Proposals, Contracts or Quotations

If a director wishes to submit a proposal, contract or quotation to the Organization for services, he/she must do so in writing and that person will not be allowed to vote on the acceptance of the proposal or contract.

3.10 Quorum of the Board

A quorum of the Board of Directors shall consist of five members, provided the President or Vice-President is one of these.

3.11 Failure to Attend Meetings

If a Director fails to attend three consecutive meetings of the Board of Directors, he/she shall be automatically removed from the Board of Directors, unless he/she has notified the Secretary in advance, giving sufficient reason for his/her absence.

3.12 Notice of Meeting

Directors may be informed of the meetings of the Board of Directors in advance either verbally or in writing.

3.13 Failure to Give Notice

Meetings of the Board of Directors will not be invalidated by failure to give notice to any one member.

3.14 Deeds, Documents and Contracts

Any two persons, the President, Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer, shall sign deeds, documents and contracts.

3.15 Minutes of Meeting

The minutes of any meeting of the Board of Directors need not be complete in every detail and they shall be legal under any circumstances provided the Board approves them.  Minutes will be approved at the end of each meeting.

3.15.1 The minutes of the last meeting will be read near the start of the next meeting.  Changes will be incorporated and approved by voice vote or show of hands.

3.16 Answer of Writs

The President shall be required to answer all writs against the Organization unless he/she delegates the Vice-President or Secretary to act.

3.17 Borrowing Permitted

The Board of Directors is empowered to borrow money for Organization purposes from any legal source.

3.18 Special Meetings

A special meeting of the Board of Directors may be called by the President or Secretary and will have full force and effect as if it was a regular monthly meeting.

3.19 Simple Majority Required

A simple majority will be required on all decisions of the Board.




4.1 Officers

The officers of the Organization shall be the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and the Secretary.

4.1.1 The Organization shall select a Chaplain from amongst the members of the Organization who shall serve as the prayer leader of the group, opening and closing each meeting with a prayer.

4.2 Chairpersons of Committees

The Board of Directors may appoint a chairperson of each committee from amongst the members of the Organization.




5.1 Duties of the President

5.1.1 Preside at meetings

To preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and at all general meetings of the Organization unless a chairperson has been appointed.

5.1.2 Guide Bracket Masters Racing Organization, Inc. and Board of Directors.

To guide the Organization and the Board of Directors in all their actions and decisions.

5.1.3 Direct, implement and coordinate

To generally direct, implement and coordinate all decisions, actions and policies of the Organization.  To promote the science of Drag Racing and advancement of motorsports and sporting events.

5.1.4 Contact others

To negotiate, act as an intermediary or otherwise facilitate contact with individuals, groups, Organizations or clubs whose objects and principles are similar to those of Bracket Masters Racing Organization, Inc.

5.2 Duties of the Vice-President

5.2.1 Assist the President

To assist the President in carrying out his duties, and to help committee chairpersons in organization of their assigned duties.

5.2.2 Absence of the President

To preside at general meetings or meetings of the Board of Directors in the absence of the President.

5.2.3 Assume duties of President

To assume any or all of the duties of the President when the President shall see fit.

5.3 Duties of the Treasurer

5.3.1 Fiscal policy

To propose a policy to the Board of Directors pertaining to fiscal matters.

5.3.2 Handle monies

To handle all monies of the Organization.

5.3.3 Maintain records

To maintain complete and up-to-date records of receipts and disbursements of the Organization. Disburse amounts decided by the Board of Directors to Organization members for expenses incurred while traveling to scheduled events in which the Organization is participating.  Organization meetings are allowed to be held at locations that the Organization may travel to participate in events or conferences. Disburse amounts decided by the Board of Directors to Organization members for authorized travel expenses by members of the team. Disburse amounts decided by the Board of Directors to Organization members who travel to conferences and association meetings approved by the Board of Directors.

5.3.4 Annual Report

To present at the general annual meeting a report of the Organization's financial standing for the fiscal year just ended.

5.3.5 No bond of security

5.3.6  Insure Organization taxes are prepared and paid.

The Treasurer shall require no bond of security.

5.4 Duties of the Secretary

5.4.1 Maintain records

To manage and maintain all record books, minutes, transactions and other correspondence of the Organization.

5.4.2 Conduct correspondence

To correspond with and contact persons with whom the Organization has business.

5.4.3 Have records available for inspection

To have available at all times for examination of civil authorities or members of the Organization, all records, minutes and transactions of the Organization, subject to their right by law to examine such records, minutes and transactions.

5.4.4 Receive applications for membership

To receive applications for membership and to maintain a complete and up-to-date record of members of the Organization and their addresses.

5.4.5 Member of the Board of Directors and Secretary to the Board

To serve as a member of the Board and act as secretary to the Board of Directors as well as to the Organization.




6.1 Committees

Committees are formed as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors, for the following:

6.1.1. Competitions

6.1.2. Publicity

6.1.3. Program

6.14. The chairperson of each committee shall recruit at least two (2) other members to his/her committee.

6.2 Responsible to the Board

Each committee shall operate under the general guidance of the Board of Directors and shall be fully responsible to the Board of Directors.

6.3 Competitions Committee

The Competitions Committee shall be responsible for

6.3.1. Implementing a schedule of competitive team events.

6.3.2. Maintaining an up-to-date record of competitive standings in team and events.

6.3 3. Providing awards.

6.3.4. Reviewing the rules of the association governing competitive events that the Organization may enter and notifying the membership of any changes, as they are published, by governing bodies.

6.3 5. Provide guidance, assistance and advice to organizers of competitive events.

6.3 6. Designate organizers and stewards for each competitive event.  Approve area of competition to avoid conflicts.

6.4 Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee shall be responsible for

6.4 1. Promoting the activities of the Organization to the general public.

6.4 2. Providing information to the membership of upcoming activities.

6.4 3. Providing an exchange of information with other clubs or Organizations.

6.4 4. Upon death of a close relative of the Organization, (immediate family, foster parents or grandparents), the Publicity Committee will purchase flowers and card, or an appropriate alternative, not to exceed $50.00 and send to the church, funeral home or home of the deceased.

6.5 Program Committee

The program committee shall be responsible for all non-competitive activities of the Organization, including non-business portions of general meetings and social events.


LOGO Of The Organization

7.1 Form

The official logo of the Organization shall be similar in shape and detail to the letterhead marking of the Bracket Masters Racing Organization, Inc. of Baton Rouge, LA, stationery and be in two (2) colors: red on gold background or gold on red background.  The logo may consist of double-crossed racing flags, one partial racing flag or may be void of racing flags

7.2 Who May Wear

The official logo may be worn by members on their cars after they have been admitted to the Organization.

7.2.1 Wearing the Organization logo or not, you represent Bracket Masters Racing Organization.  Act professional at all times, be courteous and helpful to Organization mates, other racers, and race officials.

7.2.2 Maintain your jackets, caps and other Organization logo materials clean at all times. 

7.3 Remain Property of Organization

The logo shall remain the property of the Organization and shall be returned or removed from cars on expiration of membership, if the Board of Directors so desires. The Board of Directors shall decide upon the cost of the logo to members.  The cost of purchasing logo decals or painting the logo on vehicles will be the responsibility of the member.

End of By-Laws