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                      Earl "Little Earl" Mackey, Jr.



"Little Earl" joined Bracket Masters Racing Team on April 22, 2007 after attending two
previous meetings.  He was sponsored by his long time friend and former
Southern University football teammate, Tarrus Jones, Jr.

Earl was married in early April 2007 to his wife "Cheria". Wedding Photos

Earl drives a 9 second Ford Mustang. 

Earl sells tickets and attends each Father's Day Race at State Capitol Raceway.

"Little Earl"  also attended the Holiday Helpers Race at State Capitol Raceway. 
Earl was helping his long time friend and Southern University teammate Tarrus Jones with his Nova. 

June 2007 -  Earl and Mike Battley called from California during the team meeting to
nominate new team member, Alonzo Duncan.  Earl wanted a Ford driver to second
the nomination of Alonzo, so Skip (Ford Focus) did the honors and second the
nomination of Alonzo.  Everyone had a nice laugh over the proceedings and Mr. Duncan
became a new member.  Mike and Earl are Interstate Truck Drivers and could not make
it to the meeting but wanted to keep in touch and show support.

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