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                    Eddie Lee White & Ann White


Eddie drives a 1972 Chevy Nova.  The car runs in the mid 10's at over
126 MPH. Eddie lives in LaPlace, LA. Eddie does most of the
mechanical work on his car and helps other members of the
team with their projects.

Eddie is a member of the BMRT Board of Directors. Eddie has been
a member of the team since November 2005. Eddie and his wife
Ann love to cook in addition to racing. They have provided meals
for team members at several of the team events.  

Eddie White, a member of Bracket Masters Racing Team and a Board of Directors member, passed away, March 9, 2013. Our condolences go out to Mrs. Ann White, his wife, and family.

Arrangements: Saturday, March 9, 2013, at Richardson's Funeral Home, 11112 Jefferson Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70123 (closer to Metairie). (504) 469-2243.


Eddie's Team Participation:

The Nova was looking good and running good at the Holiday Helpers Race. 
Eddie and Ann were enjoying themselves racing and watching all the other
people at the race.

Eddie and Ann ran one of the three cooking stations that was spread
around the track for the members and others to get some good food. 
Ann cooked her signature "Red Beans and Rice", along with some other
items.  Everything was excellent.  Eddie had the Nova running very good. 


2/18/07 - Eddie tested his Nova at State Capitol Raceway and his
first pass was his first ten second pass.  Eddie ran 10.95 off the trailer. 
Later in the day, after a few adjustments, he came back with his best
time ever, 10.76 @ 126 MPH!  Congratulations to Eddie on getting into
the ten's!

Eddie, a member of the Bracket Masters Board of Directors,
participated in the Board of Directors meeting to determine
how the team will distribute the toys collected during the race,
and to determine how the additional money will be spent to
benefit the children.  Ann White also attended the meeting.

  Eddie at BOD Meeting.  

Sept. 29, 2006 - Eddie is in the hospital in Metairie, LA.  He
experienced chest pains 9/27/06 and it was determined that he
had a blockage in his heart.

Oct. 3, 2006 - Eddie is still in the hospital at Oschner Memorial. 
He is having a series of tests done and he is getting very impatient
and wants to go home!

October 9, 2006 - Eddie was discharged from the hospital late
last week and is doing fine.  He cannot drive yet, but as his
strength returns he will be allowed to resume all activities. 
We continue to pray for Eddie to have a speedy recovery!

Eddie and Ann White participated in the Father's Day Race at
State Capitol Raceway.  Eddie worked on the gate early in the
morning and got things off to a good start.  His wife, Ann, cooked
Red Beans and Rice, Bar-B-Que Ribs and Sausage on the grill. 
Everything was outstanding!

11/13/05 - Bracket Masters Racing Team held an indoctrination
ceremony and a Certificate of Official Membership was presented
to Mr. Eddie White, along with his Bracket Masters I.D. Card. 
Welcome to Bracket Masters. Mrs. White attended the
indoctrination ceremony.