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Community Benefit Fund

Bracket Masters Racing Team has established a fund to benefit the community that we serve.  The initial amount of the fund will be 30% of the proceeds from the Father's Day Race, after expenses.  This 30% figure will continue to be the amount that we contribute to the fund from each of our projects, including the Louisiana Drag Classic, and other selected events that we sponsor. 

In the past, Bracket Masters has contributed to community events, churches and to individuals in the racing community, outside of our racing team, that were in need.  We have funded trips for kids to local and interstate events.  Using our race cars, we have put on car shows and supported Career Day events at several schools and churches in Baton Rouge, Zachary and Central.  We have also contributed time, money and parts to local high school auto tech programs. 

During the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, Bracket Masters Racing Team contributed over $700 to purchase uniforms, school supplies and I.D. Cards  for displaced children moving into Baton Rouge area schools at Glen Oaks High School, Capital High School and McKinley High School.   We also paid fees for all new ROTC students for Katrina displaced kids at Glen Oaks High School.

This fund is being established to continue our work in the community and to allow us to do even more than we have in the past.  We will be actively looking for projects to support.  We will expand our scholarship awards from the current Auto Tech only format, to include all areas of academic achievement.

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