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Automotive Technician Program

(Program was Suspended at the end of 2006)

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Bracket Masters Car Show at Glen Oaks High School

Bracket Masters Racing Team put on a free Car Show for Glen Oaks High School, March 25, 2004.  The team had 6 cars, which included one Jr. Dragster, to present to the kids from the school.  Over 300 kids looked over the cars, got in and played behind the wheel and took photos.  In general, the kids had a very nice time. 

Club members, attending the car show, with their cars, were:  Mr. Marcus Bowie and his Black 1967 Nova, Mr. James Richardson with his “Best of Show” Camaro, Mr. Reggie Jackson and his Dodge Duster, Mr. J.C. Floyd with his 1989 Pontiac Tempest, and club president, Mr. Skip Holbert, with his 1967 Camaro.  Each team member gave a short presentation on unique configuration of their racecar and answered many questions from the students. 

Barbara Herbert, one of the drivers of the teams Jr. Dragster, managed the Jr. Dragster display for the show.  Barbara answered many of the questions posed to her by her classmates.  Barbara is a 10th grade student at GOHS. 

Joining in the display of cars with his sleek, black 2004, 5 speed, Ford Mustang GT, was Mr. Vernon Langley, Glen Oaks High School Coach.  Mr. Langley coaches football, weightlifting, track, and cross country at the school, in addition to teaching Science in grades 9 through 12.

Ms. Bernadette Lorden, a senior at Southern University, assisted in the show.  She is doing grant research for the Baton Rouge SMART Program.  The BR SMART Program members, under the direction of Mr. Reginald Jackson, assists the GOHS Auto Tech Program by acting as mentors for the students in the program.

School Principal, Mr. Wilbert August and Assistant Principal Mrs. Gipson were on hand for the show along with many of the other program teachers.  Auto Technology instructor, Mr. Russell Lyons, who initiated the first car show last year, was on hand for the 2004 show.  Mr. Ronnie Pocorello, Workforce Development Coordinator - Center of Excellence Coordinator for the East Baton Rouge Parish School System was also on hand.  Mr. Pocorello is coordinating the establishment of a new Magnet Program that will include the Auto Tech. Program at Glen Oaks High School. 

All of the club members mingled with the students, sharing their knowledge and talking about their love of racing.  They also talked about education and how racing and the automotive industry combine to provide many excellent career choices.

Team Secretary, Dee Channel passed out Louisiana Drag Classic "Media Books", featuring profiles of all members of Bracket Masters Racing Team.  Dee, and team President Skip Holbert, took photos of the event.  You may view many of the event PHOTOS .

April 19, 2004 - Glen Oaks H. S. Principal, Wilbert August presented Bracket Masters Racing Team participants certificates of appreciation for their support of the car show at the school.  The awards were accepted by Skip Holbert, President of Bracket Masters Racing Team. 

Profiles of Students in Auto Tech II (click photo to read profile)
KendrickLemon.jpg (36369 bytes)  Kendrick Lemon 

May 2005 - Kendrick entered Universal Technical Institute, automotive technology school in Houston, TX at the start of the semester.  He was awarded a SMART Program scholarship of five hundred dollars. 

WilmanMontgomery.jpg (37852 bytes)Wilman Montgomery, Jr.
Wilman received the SMART Program $500 Scholarship Award for 2003-2004 and is enrolled in the Automotive Program at Universal Technical Institute in Houston, TX.

Letter of Appreciation
from Southwest Engine Exchange
concerning Kendrick & Wilman

SouthwestLetter.jpg (88224 bytes)  SouthwestLetter2.jpg (62529 bytes) (Click to View)

LeonMorrisLeathaMorris72.jpg (40369 bytes) Leon Morris

August 18, 2004 - Mr. Holbert addressed the 6th hour Auto Tech class and obtained the list of parts needed to complete the overhaul of the 350 SBC engine that we started last semester.  Mr. Lyons attended a class on the new Toyota Hybrid auto, free of charge, during the first week of school.  This was a great opportunity for him and all Auto Tech instructors in this area. 

August 19, 2004 - Picked up the parts from Engine Parts Warehouse, courtesy of Mr. Dwayne Beaumont, Manager of the Baton Rouge store.   The engine overhaul, being completed by the students of Mr. Lyons Auto Tech Introduction class, is a Baton Rouge SMART Program project. 

  Thanks to Engine Parts Warehouse of Baton Rouge!

August 22, 2004 - Mr. Jackson visited the Auto Tech class for the first time this semester and talked to the students and Mr. Lyons.  Mr. Jackson will head a major project this semester with the kids that will span over several weeks.  Mr. Jackson and Mr. Lyons are working on the lesson plan for the project. 

Mr. Lyons presented to SMART and Bracket Masters, a East Baton Rouge School System magazine that talks about the Magnet Programs at all the schools.  The lead story, a full page, was about the partnership between SMART, Bracket Masters and the Auto Tech Magnet Program.  Photos from the classes and the story were straight from the pages of our SMART and Bracket Masters web sites, thanks to Mr. Ronnie Pocorello.  We are very happy to be able to contribute to the East Baton Rouge School System's program. 

January 7, 2005 - The students of the Auto Tech Program wrote letters of appreciation to the members of Bracket Masters Racing Team and the Baton Rouge SMART Program for visiting their classes throughout the past two years.  The letters, some very personal, were sincere, and greatly appreciated by the members of the teams. 

Bracket Masters Racing Team will present their annual car show at Glen Oaks High School on March 24, 2005 on the front lawn of the school.  This will be the third year for the cars show at Glen Oaks High.  We are trying to arrange a similar event for Capitol High School in Baton Rouge. 

Bracket Masters, working with Baton Rouge SMART Program, will escort a bus load of students from Glen Oaks High School and Capitol High School Auto Tech programs to the Spring Nationals at Houston Raceway Park on April 8, 2005.

This is in conjunction with the NHRA's and the U.S. Army's, Youth Education Services (YES) program, "Career Day At The Track".  Each year thousands of middle and high school students are invited to come to a track, during a NHRA National Event, and take part in the structured activities presented by the YES program.  These events are held at approximately 10 locations throughout the country.

The students will attend lectures by drivers, technicians and the Army Corps of Engineers, about the career opportunities available in the Automobile Industry and the U.S. Army.  The kids will tour the track, visiting with pit crews and vendors and witness qualifying of the 300 MPH Top Fuel Dragsters, Funny Cars and Pro Stock racers.

Every year for the past three years, Bracket Masters Racing Team and the Baton Rouge SMART Program has traveled to schools in the East Baton Rouge School System and participated in "Career Day" activities.  During the presentation we show a video, "Get On The Fast Track", provided by NHRA's YES program.  The video shows many the careers available at a racing facility and in the automobile industry.  After showing the video and delivering a short talk, we show some of the teams cars, which is always the biggest hit of the day for the students.  Bracket Masters has enjoyed this activity, and we are trying to expand the number of schools that we visit. 

Baton Rouge SMART Program awarded one $500 scholarship to Mr. Wilman Montgomery, a 2003 graduate of Mr. Lyons Auto Tech program, this past year. Three of his former graduating students, Wilman, Kendrick Lemon and Dezmon Ellzey are enrolled at Universal Technical Institute in Houston, TX.

Baton Rouge SMART Program would like to award three $750 scholarships, for the 2005-2006 school year, to graduates of East Baton Rouge Auto Tech programs. They do not have to go into Auto Tech to earn the awards.  They can enroll in any accredited institution of higher learning, taking any subject they please.  Guidance Counselors at Glen Oaks High and Capital High will have the requirements and application forms.

January 27, 2005 - During "Parents Night Out" at Glen Oaks High School, the Glen Oaks Auto Tech program presented the Baton Rouge SMART Program with an appreciation plaque in recognition of their volunteer service to the Auto Tech Program and to Glen Oaks High School.  The award was presented by Assistant Principal Gipson.  Mr. Holbert, who was attending to support his two Grandchildren who are students at Glen Oaks High, was surprised, and accepted the award on behalf of Baton Rouge SMART.  

January 28, 2005 - Mr. Robert Lopiccolo, Science instructor at Glen Oaks High School, and Mr. Lyons, Auto Tech instructor, teamed up with Mr. Holbert of the Baton Rouge SMART Program to complete an experiment demonstrating Acceleration, using Mr. Holbert's racecar. The students had worked on the experiment by running and walking a 18 meter course (just a little shorter than 60 feet). 
Mr. Lopiccolo asked Mr. Holbert to use his drag car and run the course for the experiment. 
Mr. Holbert drove the measured course for the first, second and third hour classes. The students clocked the runs and also measured the distance that it took to stop after each run.  During the third hour class, WBRZ-TV Channel-2, taped the runs for the Noon News.  The show aired at Noon and on the local 5 pm News.  Mr. Lyons and Mr. Lopiccolo were very pleased with the results, and the students were very happy watching the car blast down the measured course. Just after the runs for the TV cameras were completed, it started to rain and we had to call it a day.  The last three classes had to use the data gathered by the other students.  PHOTOS

Feb. 23, 2005 - Bracket Masters Racing Team put on their first car show at Capitol High School.  The students and faculty were very happy and the instructor of Auto Tech, Mr. Kevin Stuart, was pleased with the way things turned out.  Due to rain, the cars had to be parked inside the Auto Tech area.  Participating in the show with their cars were: Mr. Willie Beathley, Mr. Houston Hawkins, Mr. Skip Holbert and Mr. Van Johnson.  Also supporting the event was Mr. Marcus Bowie, Mr. Harry Sills and Mr. James Richardson.  

March 24, 2005 - Bracket Masters Racing Team put on a car show for Glen Oaks High School on the front lawn of the school.  This is the third show for Glen Oaks High.  Participating with cars were:  Mr. J. C. Floyd, Mr. J. Lacey, Mr. Reggie Jackson and Mr. Skip Holbert, along with the teams Jr. Dragster. 

Glen Oaks High School was also presented with a flag, representing academic excellence for the year, by the East Baton Rouge School Board. Congratulations to Glen Oaks High on the improvement of their test scores and the general conduct of the school.  Bracket Masters Racing Team and Baton Rouge SMART Program are very proud to be associated with Glen Oaks High School, the facility and students. 

April 8, 2005 - Baton Rouge SMART Program escorted 31 youth to Houston Raceway Park to the annual O'Reilly Spring Nationals in Baytown, TX. There were 12 students from Glen Oaks High School, 11 from Capital High School and 8 from McKinley High School, all of Baton Rouge, LA. These students are in the auto tech programs at their respective schools. The students were treated to "Career Day At The Track", which is a part of the Youth & Education Services (YES) program, sponsored by the National Hot Rod Association and the U. S. Army. Baton Rouge SMART is a authorized affiliate of the YES program, and we go to schools in our area during career day activities and talk about the job opportunities available in the automotive industry. 

Our trip was taken on an air-conditioned Collier Tours bus with on-board movies. Mr. Reggie Jackson treated the youth to Krispy Kreme donuts, Mr. Stuart and Mr. Lyons, auto tech instructors from Capital and Glen Oaks High Schools, provided drinks and sandwiches and Mr. Holbert provided snacks. Additional adult supervision was provided by Mr. J. C. Floyd, Mrs. Barbara Holbert, Mr. Houston Hawkins and Mr. Glend McDonald.

For many of the youth, it was their first trip to a drag strip.  None of them had been to a drag racing national event before, so to see the Top Fuel Dragsters, Funny Cars, Pro Stocks and Pro Stock Bikes during qualifying, was a great joy.  Many of the drivers signed autographs for the students, including Angelle Sampley, Antron Brown and Tony Schumacher.  Tony Schumacher talked about 15 min. to the youth in our group and urged them to stay in school, look for careers in the auto industry and about the wonderful opportunities available to them if they have a good education.  All of the youth enjoyed the displays, manufactures midway and drag racing simulators, along with the Army combat simulators.  

The kids would like to offer a special thanks to Mr. Warren Birkett, Stock Class Racer, and member of the Board of Directors, Baton Rouge SMART Program.  Mr. Birkett was a participant in the event.  He took some of the kids to the starting line during time trials to let them get real close to the action.

We would like to thank the following major sponsors for making this trip possible. Mrs. Mary Durusau at Bank One (Chase Bank) and Mr. Sonny Gregoire of Pro-Fab, who made a special contribution of $200 towards the trip. Without the support of these fine sponsors, providing the trip for this many students, would not have been possible.

April 10, 2005 - Tony Schumacher wins O'Reilly Spring Nationals Top Fuel Dragster class with record setting speed, 4.50 sec @ 335 MPH. 

May 9, 2005 - Mrs. Mary Durusau of Chase/Bank One, once again, has funded the SMART Programs for 2005-2006 projects.  We would like to thank Chase/Bank One for their contribution to allow us to give scholarships, fund field trips, participate in school career day programs and continue our engine projects. 

May 2, 2006 - Scholarships were awarded to Glen Oaks High School Auto Tech seniors, Leon Morris and Michael Love, by the Baton Rouge SMART Program, Inc.  The $750 awards were made possible by a grant from CHASE Bank.  The awards were made at the Senior Class Breakfast at the Sheraton Atrium.  Leon and Michael will attend Auto Technology School in Houston, TX during the latter part of this year. 


As of August 2006, the Glen Oaks High School Auto Tech Program has been shut down. This program needs an instructor.  Mr. August and the East Baton Rouge Parish School System want this program to come back into existance.  If a qualified instructor, a mechanic with a Louisiana State Mechanics Certification, can be found, this program will restart in school year 2007-2008. 

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