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                J. Lacey  - Sgt. at Arms (Decesed - March 17, 2017)
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"Lacey" is a very dedicated Charter Member of Bracket Masters.  He drives a 1967 Plymouth GTX.  The car has undergone extensive upgrading and has been given a new paint job.  Lacey has been racing since 1968.  Lacey is a "Jack of All Trades" and will help anyone who asks, or needs help.  

His reasons for belonging to the club are to learn more about drag racing, share his skills with other racers, travel to other tracks and to experience the feeling of brotherhood in the club. 

Lacey's sales efforts help the club finance many of the projects of the team.   He has been the top seller in every promotion the club has sponsored.  Other than racing, he has three hobbies, watching football, baseball and basketball.

Lacey believes in putting God as the center of his life.  It's his faith, that has allowed him to accomplish all his goals in life.  He's a man of high standards, he is trustworthy, dependable, and he is a role model to the ones just entering the racing field.  His respect for others is the reason for his highly respected character.

Lacey would like to have Bracket Masters get more involved with youth.  He would like the club to provide an alternative to our youth to keep them out of the streets and away from drugs.  Lacey believes hard work, dedication and education are the keys to helping our kids becoming good citizens.  If anyone in the club knows about hard work and dedication, it is Lacey.  Lacey is one of the hardest workers in the club, no matter what the job.

Team Member, J. Lacey, is in OLOL Hospital in Baton Rouge. Lacey is in ICU, Rm: #6023. Several members of his family are with him and he has been visited by several friends. As of the morning of 3/16/17, he has not regained conscientiousness since being taken to the hospital on Wed. morning.

Lacey Is At Rest

Wonderful words were spoken, songs of praise were sung and everything turned out very nice. Befitting for a man that has lived such a peaceful and wonderful life. Bro. Johnny Tate spoke on behalf of Bracket Masters Racing Team and did a wonderful job. Lacey was a Charter Members of Bracket Masters Racing Team, Inc.

It would be fitting to say that as a racer, Lacey loved his 1957 Plymouth GTX, with a 440 Mopar engine, he named it, "The Tank". Every year he would bring it out to the track and run in the annual Fathers Day race and that was all the racing he needed each year. It should be noted that in his last race, July of 2016, Lacey won two rounds and he was so happy. Lacey was on his game and the car ran flawlessly. That made all of the team very happy!

There has never been a more caring teammate than Lacey. He would help anyone and it made helping him a pleasure. He would call team members just to say hello and check on your family. We will miss the smile and loving nature of Lacey.

Team members and close friends served as pallbearers, active and honorary, during the service and internment.

March 29, 2017


Lacey Has Run His Final Race

J. Lacey, member of Bracket Masters Racing Team, passed away shortly after noon on Friday, March 17, 2017 at Our Lady Of The Lake Hospital. His family was in attendance. Funeral, Sat. March 25, 2017 at Ebenezer B. C., 1915 Fairchild St., Baton Rouge, LA
March 17, 2017

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Lacey attended the Old School Car Show at Man Dunn's Place, Clinton, LA.    Photos.

Lacey and Cynthia attended the BMRT Christmas Party.  They both danced and had an excellent time.

Mr. & Mrs. Lacey  Lacey  Lacey

Lacey had "The Tank" running very well at the Holiday Helpers Race. 
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Photos by Reggie

Lacey took part in the car show at Glen Oaks High School.

April 8, 2006 - Cynthia and Lacey get married! 
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