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                         J. C. Floyd 

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In Memory of J. C. Floyd

Mr. J. C. Floyd passed away after suffering a heart attack while in route to take his dialysis treatment. The funeral was held on Nov. 29, 2008 at Winfield Funeral Home in Baton Rouge.

"J. C." will be remembered as driver and owner of one very hard leaving Pontiac. J. C.'s "Blue Machine" was one of the finest 10 second cars around.  J. C. begin racing in 1984 and has been a consistent performer ever since.  A Charter Member and strong supporter of Bracket Masters Racing Team, J. C. was always ready to help anyone  any time. 

J. C. updated his 1972 Pontiac LeMans to become a 1971 GTO.  The preliminary work on the update too GTO is complete.  A few more things have to be ironed out, and the car will be ready for the racing season.  The car looks good, even before the final paint job.  Can't wait to see it in action. 

- The Big Blue Machine was sounding good and running good at the 4th Annual Louisiana Drag Classic.  The new paint job looked very good.  J. C. won in the first round, but lost in round two of Non-electronics.  
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J. C. and two teammates attended the Super Stock Blowout in Houston.  
J. C. rolled in the annual Krewe of Maringouin Mardi Gras Parade.  

J. C. participated in the Glen Oaks High School Car Show.  He was one of 6 team mates that had cars at the show. 
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J. C. took the big Pontiac Tempest to Hattiesburg, MS to race in Edmund Hall's Baby Pro-Mod race.  J. C. was to compete in the 7.0 sec. class, but due to the lateness of the race, he had to leave.   The car was running in the mid 6's and J. C. would have had trouble slowing it down to 7.0 seconds.  The car was running very good, but J. C. loaded up and returned to Baton Rouge.

J. C. took the big Pontiac to Shreveport, LA to race with the Shreveport Racers.  The car ran very good during the time trials and in the first round of eliminations, he could not get it to start  at the line.  The trouble was a low battery.  J. C. enjoyed the trip and the company of all his teammates.  Harry Sills towed the Pontiac up to Shreveport and James Richardson rode with them. 

J. C. attended the Old School Car Show at Man Dunn's Place, 12 miles North of Clinton, LA.  Very good car show with some great cars. There were 7 team cars entered in the car show.  J. C.'s Tempest was the only Pontiac entered in the car show.  Photos.

J. C. has placed his beloved Pontiac Tempest up for sale.  The car, with engine and trans, plus trailer, extra 455 4-bolt main engine and extra headers (sold Oct.2005).

Nov. 12, 2007 - J. C. was at the Holiday Helpers Race at State Capitol Raceway.  He has not been feeling too good lately and has cut back on his trips to the track.  J. C. takes Dialysis treatments three time per week.  He is on the waiting list for a transplant.  We are all praying for J. C. to have a complete recovery.