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                       J. D. Saizon, III. Award

The Saizon family, father John, mother Chenary and John III (known as "JD"), attended the Bracket Masters Racing Team meeting on July 23, 2006. The Saizon family race at State Capitol Raceway on a regular basis and they are just getting started in drag racing and they run a beautiful 11 second 1984 El Camino.  Fourteen year old John III, called "JD", helps out at the track and is an avid supporter of his father. 

The Saizon's were the invited guest of President Willie Beathley.  During the meeting "JD's" father, related to the team how his son had lost his big toe while working with his uncle, who owns a burial vault company, in a accident just a few weeks ago.  While "JD" was helping to move a concrete vault that weighs over 2500 lbs., the pulley used for lifting the vault broke. "JD" was not quick enough to completely move out of the way and the vault chopped off his big toe and crushed the two toes next to it.  "JD" has already had a number of surgeries and is scheduled for more surgery.   During his recovery period since the accident, "JD" has only missed one week at the race track! 

Bracket Masters Racing Team awarded "JD" $100 to be used as he sees fit. 


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