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                     James Richardson  
Member of the Board of Directors

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This Nine Second Beauty Runs and Looks Good!              

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James Richardson, Charter Member, Passed Away - Feb. 12, 2014, died on Wednesday, February 12th in Baton Rouge

After a long illness, James was taken to the hospital Thursday morning where he passed away. Arrangements: Funeral will be held at, Greater Oak Grove B. C., 23595 Plank Rd. Zachary, LA, 70791, Sat. Feb. 22, 2014 at 11:00am. (225) 654-9639

James was one of the original 9 members of Bracket Masters Racing Team. Due to his illness, he had recently moved his membership to Honorary Member status.

Mild mannered and always willing to help a friend or fix a bicycle for a neighborhood child, James was a person that you could depend on when you needed help. His workmanship was excellent and he could always be depended on to make it look better and work better than anyone else could. James could look at a problem, think about it for a few seconds and come up with a fix that no one else had thought of, and it always worked! His attention to detail was without question better than most racers. His vehicles showed how much he cared about beauty and detail.

James will be missed by his family, teammates and friends.
Feb. 23, 2014

James Richardson Profile:

James is a very meticulous individual, possessing excellent organizational and fabrication skills.  James is a retired Equipment Operator for the City of Baton Rouge. James is always ready to help members with any job, and you know, with James helping, the job will be done to perfection.  

During the first round of eliminations at Houston Raceway Park, during a team trip, the Camaro laid down a perfect 10.02 sec. run on a 10.02 Dial-In.  That pass won the Bracket Masters Medallion for "Closest to the Dial-In During Competition".  Congratulations James!  In the 2nd round the car ran 9.999 on the 10.02 and lost.  

James rolled in the Krewe of Maringouin Mardi Gras Parade and his car won 3rd place in the Race Car Division, congratulations James!

James participated in Scout-O-Rama in New Iberia, LA.  The car looked outstanding and had many comments from the visitors. 

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James Testing At State Capitol Dragway

The team traveled to Memphis for the 1st Annual Bracket ShotOut, hosted by the Memphis Tri-State Racers.  The Camaro ran very good all day.  Everyone had fun, Bracket Masters took 7 cars and 43 people from the Baton Rouge area. 

James and the Beautiful Camaro attended the Annual BMRT Picnic and Race at State Capitol Dragway.  The car ran the quickest time ever in the heat of the day (somewhere around 9.95, or lower), showing that there are better times coming as the motor is broken in.  

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James attended the Super Chevy Show at Houston Raceway Park this past weekend.  James was on the tree during the Saturday Jackpot race and cut a perfect .500 light.  This earns him the team Perfect Light Medallion!  Congratulations James.  James ran good all weekend but was eliminated early on Sunday.  James stayed around until the end and got into the Winners Circle as one of Willie Beathley's pit crew.  James will be in Super Chevy Magazine in the November issue as Willie's son Jeremy drove the "Mr. Willie" Station Wagon to a win in the Street/DOT class at the Super Chevy Show.  
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Recently, James helped a teammate, who's truck had blown a transmission, to get back on the road.  James found a used transmission and asked the team to purchase the unit for the teammate, who was sick at the time and could not work.  The team members donated the necessary amount to purchase the unit and James picked up the transmission, installed and tested the unit (before any teammates arrived to help) and returned the truck to the teammate.  Needless to say, our teammate was overjoyed and could not thank James enough.

James participated in the Annual Krewe of Maringouin Mardi Gras Parade.  A good time was had by all of the BMRT members as 9 of our team members with families participated.  As usual, James'  Blue Suburban carried food for everyone.  James' Camaro was selected as the "Best Race Car" at the parade!  Congratulations James. 

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James helped Skip install the engine in Skip's new Camaro.  The work was started at 8:30 AM and in less than an hour the motor was in place.  James is always ready to help a teammate.  While helping to complete the installation, James pointed out several items that had to be taken care of that Skip had not thought of.  That second set of eyes and looking at it from a different perspective really helps.  
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James was elected to the BMRT Board of Directors. 

James participated in the Glen Oaks High School Car Show.  He was one of 6 team mates that had cars at the show.  Several other members came out to support the school.
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James took his beautiful Camaro to Prescott Middle School for their "Career Day".  Bracket Masters had three cars and the Jr. Dragster at the event.  There were Doctors, Lawyers and a Judge, along with other prominent persons from the community.  James enjoyed the home cooked lunch, and the team was  presented a plaque for coming.  The young men and women were very nice, they were all well dressed, and asked many questions (Photos).

Visit To Summer School
Get them while they are young! James supported the school event and Bracket Masters Racing Team took 4 cars, including the Jr. Dragster, to visit the
Summer Program at God's Way Christian Academy

The cars that were present were, Mr. Warren Birkett with his M/SA station wagon, recent winner of class at a national event, Mr. Willie Beathley with his 9 second small block Chevy wagon, Mr. Glend McDonald with his 9 second big block Chevy Camaro, and Skip Holbert handled the teams Jr. Dragster. Also supporting the event was Mr. Reggie Jackson.

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