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                            James D. Allen

                                            James Camaro

James Allen joined Bracket Masters Racing Team in November 2006. 
James is building a 1986 Camaro to race in the Footbrake Class. 

James and wife, Darlene, attended the Mt. Olive B. C. Friends & Family celebration as invited guest of President Tarrus Jones. Many of the team members attended. Sept. 29, 2013.

Bracket Masters Racing Team took a trip to Gulfport, MS in August 2013 and the Allen family was there with the new car. The interior and new paint job are outstanding.

Mr. & Mrs. James Allen attended the BMRT Christmas Party,
held at the WBR Parish Community Center, Dec. 17, 2009.
James was awarded a trophy for team participation.

Mr & Mrs Allen   Mr.& Mrs. Allen  James Allen

James Allen and James Richardson teamed up to provide food for the racing team at the Father's Day Race. Everything was excellent!

James worked very hard at the Holiday Helpers Race at State Capitol Raceway.  Again, James was cooking and feeding all the team members and anyone else that wanted a plate of good food.  The fried fish was excellent, along with all the fixing's that went along with it.  Thanks James!

James helped provide food for the team at the Father's Day Race.  His Bar-B-Que Ribs were excellent.  He worked with James Richardson and several others to provide a feast for the members and anyone that wanted something to eat. 

One of the first things James did after joining Bracket Masters was to use his flatbed, roll-back wreaker, to scoop up Mr. Skip's wrecked Camaro from No Problem Raceway. 

James attended the Toys for Katrina Kids Race, held at State Capitol Raceway in November 2006.  James also served on the committee in charge of inventory of all the toys that were collected at the race.  He helped with distribution of toys before Christmas 2006 to the Katrina Kids in the Airport Trailer communities. 

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