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  Jeremy R. Herbert

Governor's Wife & Group
Louisiana First Lady - Supriya Jindal & Young Heroes

Jeremy & Mentors
Jeremy With Friends & Mentors

Jeremy & Grandmother in Gov. Mansion
Jeremy & Grandmother in Gov. Mansion

August 2011 - Jeremy is currently working for Turner Industries of Baton Rouge, LA. Jeremy is attending school to become a Millwright. He is in his 2nd semester of the 4 semester course.

January 2009 - Jeremy started his 2nd semester at Southern University. He is also working as a student worker in the Baton Rouge Mayor's office.

May 18, 2008 - Jeremy graduated from Glen Oaks High School. He was the only boy to graduate with honors out of 19 honor students. Jeremy will enroll in Southern University in the Fall.
Jeremy Stands for Awards at Graduation Jeremy graduated, with Honors!

Jeremy was selected to be one of eight "Young Heroes" by the Rotary Club of Baton Rouge, Louisiana Public Broadcasting, CHASE Bank, Price LeBlanc Toyota/Lexus and The Credit Bureau of Baton Rouge. These Young Heroes come from all over the state of Louisiana and there were over 200 nominees. Jeremy was nominated by three persons, including Mr. Willie Beathley, President of Bracket Masters Team. This is the 13th year of the awards.

Bracket Masters members are very happy that Jeremy was selected as he was the first driver of the Bracket Masters Racing Team Jr. Dragster. Jeremy competed in races from Memphis to Gulfport and accompanied the team at several middle school and high school "Career Day" activities.

After the tragic murder of his mother, Melinda Gardner, in June of 2007, Jeremy decided to help fight drugs and violence. He did this by starting a youth organization at Glen Oaks High School called, "Educated Young Males Against Drugs & Violence". He was helped in the organizational efforts by his JROTC instructor, Sgt. Thomas Jordan, who went to the principal, Mr. Wilbert August, Jr. and got permission to sponsor the new group (Sgt. Jordan also nominated Jeremy for the Young Heroes award). The group started out with 13 young men and now they have over 50 students in the group.

The Educated Young Males volunteer their time doing community service in the afternoon and on weekends. They serve as mentors for the 9th grade students at Glen Oaks High School, and serve as positive roll models for the other boys on campus. The group has very strict rules for becoming a member. They are required to maintain a 2.5 GPA, they must not have any disciplinary actions taken against them, they must adhere to the school dress code at all times (no sagging pants), and they must respect their teachers and the young women on campus. They would like to combat teen pregnancy and they teach safe sex and abstinence. Many young men that do not qualify are striving to get their GPA's up, stay out of trouble and improve their conduct so they can become members.

Jeremy, and the young men of Educated Young Males Against Drugs & Violence, have received several other awards including, "The Ambassador Award", given by East Baton Rouge Parish School Board Superintendent, Charlotte Placide (who also nominated Jeremy for the Young Heroes award). Mrs. Placide challenged the group to go to other schools in the parish and start the organization in those schools. They have been to at least three other schools to introduce the groups concepts and start new groups in those schools. The group received an award from State Representative Regina Barrow for their outstanding service to the community. The group has participated in several local radio shows, and they are working with the Constable's office in the D.A.R.E. program (Drug Abuse Resistance Education).

The following was taken from Jeremy's grandfather's web site.

April 15-17, 2008 - This is a day by day detail of Jeremy's "Young Heroes" award and his Glen Oaks High School Sr. Breakfast.

As previously stated, Jeremy is one of eight winners of the 13th Annual "Young Heroes" award sponsored by; Louisiana Public Broadcasting. The Baton Rouge Rotary Club, CHASE Bank and Credit Bureau of Baton Rouge.

Jeremy was recommended by Bracket Masters President - Mr. Willie Beathley, Mrs. Charlotte Placide - School Board Superintendent  and by Sgt. Jordan of the Glen Oaks High School JROTC program. This is the first time that a person has had three nominations for a Young Heroes award.

The eight young people that were picked for the 2008 awards were equal winners. Everyone received the same gifts and treatment. LPB and Rotary Club went out of their way to make each recipient feel special and like a winner. Each winner was assigned a personal mentor who worked with the kid from a few weeks before the big day and accompanied them every step of the way on the final day from breakfast until the banquet was over. Jeremy's mentor was Mr. Mark Fry, a member of the Rotary Club of Baton Rouge.Each winner was allowed to have up to four persons accompany them through the festivities of the last day. Jeremy picked his grandmother, Barbara Holbert, grandfather, Oliver Holbert, his girlfriend, Terika Dillard and JROTC Sgt. Thomas Jordan. Tuesday, the kids and parents checked into the LOD Cook Hotel on LSU's campus for a two night stay. On Weds. morning they were transported to the LPB studio for breakfast and to be presented with gifts. Each Young Hero received the following: Engraved cups and umbrella, along with a set of DVD on the History of Louisiana from LPB; A $10 gift certificate from Raising Cane's; a $100 gift certificate from Best Buy; A very nice back pack from The Backpacker; A $500 U.S. Saving Bond from CHASE Bank; A DVD Player from Olinde's; and a Dell Laptop Computer. We were treated to video presentations of 3 past Young Heroes winners and the kids were given a preview of what would take place later that night at the banquet. We departed the studio and traveled to Louisiana State Museum on 4th St. in downtown Baton Rouge. After a very short 50 minute stay, we were shuffled over to the Governor's Mansion for lunch. Lunch was catered by DEMCO and served by DEMCO employees. The tailgate style bar-b-que was great! After lunch, Supriya Jindal, the First Lady of Louisiana, presented each kid with a medallion commemorating the day. Governor Bobby Jindal was out of state and could not attend. Proclamations were read by a representative from Baton Rouge Mayor, Kip Holden's office and from a state representative declaring April 16, 2008 to be "Young Heroes Day" in the state and the city.

After the lunch and the presentations, the kids were given a tour of the Governor's Mansion and then we returned to the hotel to get some much needed rest and get ready for the night activities.Dinner and the banquet were held in The LSU Stadium Club, high above the playing field where LSU won the 2007 football national championship. Dinner was complete with live chamber music. Jeremy had the following guests at the dinner/banquet: Grandmother and grandfather, sisters Barbara Morris and Lizzie Herbert, brother Ryland Gardner, girlfriend Terika Dillard, and step-father Roland Gardner. The Principal of Glen Oaks High School, Mr. Wilbert August, Jr., Mr. Tommy Stout - Security Dad, Bracket Masters President - Mr. Willie Beathley, Mrs. Charlotte Placide - School Board Superintendent  and Sgt. Thomas Jordan of the Glen Oaks High School JROTC program. The banquet featured a video presentation on each of the eight Young Heroes. Each video was played and then the kid was welcomed on the stage, along with their parents or guardian and they were given their award. They were asked a series of questions about their particular situation or adversity and what they planned for their future. Then they were asked to take a seat on the stage. Jeremy was the last kid to be presented (they saved the best for last). His video was great and he handled each of the questions very well and even had the audience and MC, LPB President and CEO, Beth Courtney, laughing. Jeremy was asked what he would like to do after graduation and he responded, "I would like to become a Mechanical Engineer". Jeremy would like to go to LSU or Southern University, take engineering and play baseball. Both schools have excellent engineering and baseball programs. Again, Barbara and I were very proud of our grandson. All of the kids were great and handled themselves as little ambassadors of Louisiana. There were not many dry eyes in the place after all of the stories were presented.

April 17, 2008 - More on Jeremy! Today is the Glen Oaks High School Sr. Breakfast. Jeremy walked away with many, many awards. Jeremy was given the following awards: Knight Of Columbus Patron's Award, he was selected as one of two top students at Glen Oaks and given a Louisiana State Students Award, he was voted the "Most Courteous", "Most Likely To Succeed", "Most Handsome" , "Best Dressed" and "Best Athlete". There were others, but I forget, but just one more, he was also voted "Mr. Glen Oaks"! At home his grandmother has always called Jeremy "Mr. Cocky"! Now we may have to ask for an appointment to speak with him! I must add, Jeremy was the only boy out of the 21 Honor Students in the Sr. Class of 2008. (Did I mention that we are proud of Jeremy?)

I would like to give a big "High-Five" to the Glen Oaks High School Sr. Class of 2008. Their Sr. Breakfast was one of the most orderly and dignified high school ceremonies that I have attended. When Jeremy arrived at home after the Sr. Breakfast, with all of his hardware and other awards, he found an acceptance letter from Southern University!

Jeremy has had conversations with representatives from Tulane Engineering and LSU Engineering. Both schools are working on getting Jeremy accepted at their school. Tulane also has an excellent baseball program.       

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