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                      Mrs. Jeri Harris 

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Spiritual Leader

Mrs. Harris consented to help Bracket Masters Racing Team at the request of former President, Skip Holbert, during the early planning stages of the 1st Louisiana Drag Classic in 1999. 

President Holbert, knowing he needed help with the planning and publicity elements of the race, turned to one of his church members who is skilled in both areas.  Mrs. Harris had planned several large events in the church and throughout the Baton Rouge community and Skip was hoping that she could lend some guidance to the race preparations.  Mrs. Harris is also a retired Physical Education teacher from Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA. 

Although Mrs. Harris had never been to a drag race in her life, she decided to help.  She attended club meetings and made helpful suggestions on conducting meetings and making reports.  She suggested we contact several businesses and organizations that could give help.  During joint meetings with the United Drag Racers of New Orleans, they noticed the insight that Mrs. Harris brought to the gatherings, and requested her presence at all joint meetings. At most meetings, Jeri was the only woman present.  Jeri also lobbied for more women members in Bracket Masters Racing Team.  Through her efforts, and members of the team, all members of a family are now considered members of the team, and can attend meetings.  BMRT has also voted to admit one full time woman club member, and others are being considered. 

Jerri's help was deeply appreciated by President Holbert and both racing teams.  Jerri attended the Louisiana Drag Classic and worked selling T-Shirts and she also worked on the gate part time.  She enjoyed her weekends at the races, but the noise is a little too much for Jeri!  

Jeri was awarded a Bracket Masters Racing Team Jacket and made an Honorary Member of the Team.  She is a member of the Bracket Masters Racing Team Board of Directors and is helping with planning for future Louisiana Drag Classic races. 

Mrs. Harris was honored with a presentation for her contribution to the planning and coordination of the first two LA Drag Classics.  See Award.

Mrs. Jeri Harris, BMRT Board Member, is a Charter Member of Holiday Helpers.  The Holiday Helpers give an annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner at the Baton Rouge Centroplex where thousands of people and families are given a good old fashion Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all the trimmings.  This idea started when someone suggested how nice it would be if everyone could take part in a "community Thanksgiving dinner".  The first dinner was called "Thanksgiving Together" because it bought the community together, and is a joy to so many.  Baton Rouge Constable, Major Reginald Brown  is President of the Holiday Helpers and he is also a Charter Member.  

The annual Thanksgiving dinner has grown for each of the past 19 years.  There were hundreds of volunteers from all walks of life to prepare and serve the food.  Dinners are provided to people all over the city.  People that cannot come to the Centroplex have dinners taken to their homes. 

Special Thanks Jeri!    God Bless You.  Without you to keep us on track we may have faltered.  For your prayers and guidance, we will be forever grateful. 

From:  Bracket Masters Racing Team, Inc. & United Drag Racers of New Orleans 

January 22, 2006 - Jeri is appointed to the position of Team Chaplin.

Dec. 19, 2005 - Mrs. Jeri Harris, Mrs. Barbara Holbert and Mrs. Nita Garner completed Christmas Shopping for the Katrina Kids with the help of President Willie Beathley, James Allen and James Richardson.  Wal-Mart has given a donation to the fund and the toys were purchased at the store in Central.   Jeri said, "I don't shop for myself, but here I am ready to shop for the kids!"

Nov. 16, 2007 - Mrs. Harris' brother, who lived in Los Angeles, CA, passed away after a long illness, in September 2007.  Jeri spent 7 weeks in California and has just arrived back in Baton Rouge after completing all the funeral arrangements. 

April 24, 2008 - Mrs. Jeri Harris, Honorary Member, consultant and spiritual leader of Bracket Masters is in Baton Rouge General, Mid-City - Rm 336. She is doing better but still needs the prayers of all of our members and readers. Jeri's son and daughter, along with other family members are with her.

April 26, 2008 - Talked with Jeri yesterday and she is doing much better than she was when Barbara and I visited on Thursday. She actually sounded like her old self. Jeri is still very sick and needs all of our continued prayers.

May 17, 2008 - Mrs. Harris has been sent home for more recovery. She is doing much better. Her daughter is staying with her. She will be readmitted in 2-3 weeks for an operation. Continue to pray for Jeri.

Nov. 22, 2013 - Mrs. Jerri Harris passed away. May the good Lord bless and keep you.