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                           Jeremy and Barbara Herbert
                First Drivers of the Bracket Masters Jr. Dragster

The first trip to the track with our newly painted Jr. Dragster was quite an experience
for the kids and I (Skip Holbert).  Barbara Herbert, Jeremy Herbert, Lizzie Herbert,
Toshia Jackson and I drove over to Louisiana Raceway at Eunice, LA for their
regular Sat. Test & Tune.  The setting is ideal for this type testing and learning
that had to take place.  First of all, it's daytime and you can see everything. 
There was only about 20 cars at the track and not many spectators.  We were
able to take our time and do exactly what we needed to do.  
BMRTjrDragsterAtEunice.JPG (35839 bytes)

On the way over to the track, we talked about everything, except one thing, later
about that.  After we unloaded, we had to adjust the foot controls so that everyone
could reach them.  This was the first time that the panels had been removed by a
team member.  We discovered some loose nuts and bolts, which I had been
warned about.  Because of the extreme vibration Jr. cars experience, you must
check for tight nuts & bolts frequently.  

We decided that Jeremy would be the first one to go down the track.  Only Jeremy
and Barbara had their NHRA Jr. Dragster Drivers License, which also gives the
parents permission for the child to drive on the track.

After determining how to get the Jr. Dragster started, we proceeded to the starting
line to turn in our entry form and to get inspected.  We were the only Jr. car at the
track, and we drew a lot of attention.  The kids were very professional and all of
them helped Jeremy with his safety equipment and to get strapped into the car. 
Everyone was very excited!  We got started and Jeremy drove up to the line and
instantly turned on both the pre-stage light and the staged light, and then the car
quit running!  We backed him up and got it started again, with the help of two of
the girls, it was ready for the first pass.  The lights came down and Jeremy cut a
nice (for the first time ever) .680 light, and he was off!  The time was 11.228 sec..  

Now comes the part we forgot to discuss!  How does he get back to the pits?  If you
have ever raced at Louisiana Raceway, this is really a problem.  The return road is
very narrow and bumpy, and it has many curves and drop-offs.  As we watched
from the starting line, we saw him go out of sight at the turn-off at the end of the
track.  We thought he had stopped, so all of us headed back to the truck to go
and tow him back.  As we walked back to the truck, here comes Jeremy on the
return road.  We watched as he drove up to the trailer and stopped.  A good and
successful first pass! 
   JrDragsterKids.JPG (35178 bytes) Kids With Jr. D.   JrDragsterJeremy.JPG (75908 bytes) Toshia Helps Jeremy 

Next it was Barbara's turn.  After a few practice burn-outs next to the trailer, she
got dressed and we headed for the starting line.  The veteran of all of one run,
Jeremy, was steady telling her what to expect and how to come back on the
return road and how the lights worked and anything else he could think of. 
Barbara was taking it all in and not saying a word.  All the kids were helping
Barbara get ready for her run. 
HelpingBarbaraGetReady.JPG (34634 bytes)

Later on, during the trip home, we would find out that she really didn't want to
make that first pass.  But she was a good trooper and went to the starting line
anyway and was ready to go.  The lights came down and she left with what we
thought was almost a perfect light.  Later we would find that the lights had not
functioned correct and although she had a "Green" light, her actual RT was -.295,
a "Red" light.   The run was very good, getting an 11.42 time in the 1/8 mile. 

We watched her finish the run and head off into the tall grass of Louisiana Raceway. 
The crew headed for the tower to get the time slip and I walked back to the truck. 
All of a sudden, here comes Barbara!  She must have been doing 60 MPH through
the pits, headed for the truck.  No way was she going to stop in time.  I put up my
arms and tried to slow her and by the time she stopped, she was a good 50 - 75
feet in front of the truck!  After that, we had our first lecture on speed in the pit area
and the danger of being run over by a car backing out, or hitting a child, or an adult. 
This was another thing we forgot to talk about.  Slow Down In The Pit Area!

After all that excitement and the very, very, hot weather, we decided to come
home (the kids were ready for more, but I couldn't handle the heat).  Everyone
was excited and they talked and sang songs all the way home.  They couldn't
wait to start talking about their driving experience to anybody that would listen
as soon as they returned. 
Barbara1stPass.JPG (35906 bytes)

10/12-13/02 - The Cox Communication-Louisiana Drag Classic was Jeremy's first real
competition.  On Sat., after a couple of time trials, Jeremy was paired in the 1st round
with Dana Birch, of Kentwood, LA.  She is one of the quickest (7.90) and best drivers
at the track.  Jeremy had said to me one day, "I want to run against those Latino's.  They
are some of the best and I want to run them!"  When he was paired with Dana, I told Jeremy,
"Well Jeremy, you didn't get one of the Latino's but you got a driver that is one of the best." 
Dana, along with her Sister Britni, won trophies and money at the last two Louisiana Drag
Classics.  Dana and Britni Birch have competed in many Buz Post events around the country
(At the Louisiana Drag Classic, Britni went to the Quarterfinals on Sat. and Dana was the
Winner on Sunday!).  Jeremy ran a good race, but broke out.  He continues to improve,
after only 6 passes, he cut his first .5 light (.598 RT) on Sunday, but he did not run his
number and lost in the first round.  He was very happy, and everyone was very proud
of him.  His best time to date is a 10.693 @ 56 MPH.  Now we can work on getting
the RT down in the low 5's.  I like his attitude, go after the best right away!  You can't
become the best if you can't beat the best, that's my motto!  
JrDragsterJeremyGetsIn.JPG (32937 bytes) JrDragsterJeremyHoustonMarva.JPG (31999 bytes) JrDragsterJeremy2.JPG (32678 bytes) JrDragster.jpg (32936 bytes)

11/4/02 - Mr. Mike Ross has donated a Go Kart to pull the Jr. Dragster to the starting
line and on the return road.  Mr. Ross also donated a helmet that kids can use that do
not own their safety equipment.  

The only thing a kid needs to drive a Jr. Dragster is: 

(1) Permission from a parent or guardian on the NHRA License Application
(this Jr. Dragster License Application is available at State Capitol Dragway or
No Problem Raceway Park).  Drivers Application fee is $25.00. 

(2) The License to be issued from NHRA Division Directors headquarters
(A Temp. License is available from the track when all requirements are verified
by the track at the time of License Application submission to the Div. Director).  

12/08/02 - Benny's Automotive donated a full set of safety equipment to Josh Collins
for use while competing in the Jr. Dragster.  The beautiful outfit has Josh's name
embroidered on the front of the jacket and Benny's Automotive Logo on the back. 
Thanks to Benny's for the donation.  

  MemphisPitCrews.jpg (39249 bytes) MemphisJrPits.jpg (41211 bytes) MemphisJeremyStartLine.jpg (37474 bytes)   

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James Moore - Donated ALL of the oil that the Jr. Dragster will need. 
Thanks to Mr. James Moore.

Keith's Pro Paint & Body, 9950 Hooper Rd, Baton Rouge, LA
(225) 262-9000, painted the BMRT Jr. Dragster.   BMRT Says
Thanks To Keith and the Staff at Keith's Pro Paint & Body! 
The excellent  paint job was donated by Keith. 
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