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                                      Justin Jackson - Driver

 Reggie & Justin at team meeting

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November 19, 2006 - Bracket Master Junior Dragster.


We started a cold morning at State Capital Raceway with a driver that was up and ready to go early.  We took the Jr. Dragster out of the trailer and started our race day preparations, which included warming the engine up.  The methanol that the car runs on keeps the engine cooler so we needed to get the engine up to operating temperature.  The engine idle speed was erratic so we decided to do some additional tuning on the carburetor and enlisted the tuning help of one of our fellow racers. 

We were at the track extra early because we knew we had invited guest coming form two different youth organizations.  The first to arrive was about 12 Youth (both male and female) from an alternative school in Baton Rouge escorted by Mr. Robert Garner and a number of other volunteers.  The Second group to arrive was a group of about 7 young men from the 100 Black Men Mentoring Program escorted by Mr. Fred Sibley, Chairman of The 100 Mentoring Program, and Mr. Ed Collins of The 100.  We went over the basics of Drag Racing and the design of cars including the timing system used by track personnel to record the cars speed and time while going down the track.  There were lots of good questions which included how were the cars fabricated?  What size was the engine?  Why some of the cars were shaped different and what about the difference in tire sizes from the front to the back of the cars?


The Junior Dragster turnout was nothing short of great.  We started racing about 10:00 am and our team had grown by about 19 members.  Several of our invited guests went to the starting line with us and helped with the cars between round maintenance.  While others watched and had numerous questions after each set of Juniors Dragsters made passes.


The pairings in the first round was determined by the driverís reaction time during time trails.  Justin is 9 years old so we raced in the younger age group.  Justin had a bye run in the first round based on his reaction time during his first of two time trails.  He won the second round of racing.  Maybe this John Force concept of a large crew was paying off.  We broke out in the third round and our racing day for the Junior Dragster was over.


WE enjoyed having our guest and I think the crowd at State Capital Raceway was the largest yet to watch Junior Dragster Racing.  What a morning of racing!



August 5, 2006


The last time we were out the engine was revving high and the clutch was engaged while trying to stage.  We shut the car off and returned to the pits.  The only thing that we changed in our normal routine was towing the car a greater distance to the staging lanes.  We normally park closer and push the car to the staging lanes by hand.  We called the Clutch manufacturer and obtained some additional information on the clutch setup.  We (Reggie Sr. and Skip) disassembled the clutch and inspected all of the internal of the Drive Unit.  Everything seemed okay during the inspection, so the unit was cleaned and reassembled.


We (Justin and Dad) entered the Jr. Dragster race at SC Raceway.  The turn out was light due to an all Jr. Dragster race in Gulfport, Miss.  Justin has to run in the Under 11 year old age group.  Something new, we qualified based on reaction time during time trails and was placed on a ladder.  We had drawn cards in the past to see who raced each other in the first round.


We ran two time trails and the car ran without any problems.  In the first round Justin had to leave first and his opponent Red Lighted.  This was Justinís first Round win in competition!  We dialed the car in for the second round and Justin had to leave first.  He returned the favor from the first round and red lighted.  Justin run was only 0.002 off of his dial in.  We watched the rest of the rounds and loaded everything in the trailer just as the rain came.  The big cars were washed out later that day.


August 1, 2006


We had a few items to correct prior to the Race on August 5, 2006 at State Capital Raceway.  The last time we attended a Race (Jr. Dragster Challenge at No Problem Raceway) we did not make the call due to a fuel cell leak.  We ordered a new fuel cell and installed it.  We also modified a clearance problem between the chain guard and the Carb.  Skip Holbert came by to help with adjustments to the chain and Clutch Drive Belt.

We went Jr. Dragster Racing at No Problem Raceway.  The event was the Jr. Dragster Challenge sponsored by OíReilly Auto Parts.  During our pre-race maintenance we put fuel in the car and the fuel cell started to leak.  We had the track announce that we were looking for a fuel cell after we had attempted a repair.  A fellow racer came to our rescue, but the first round had started.  We watched the racing and will be back another day.


July 22, 2006


We went Jr. Dragster Racing at No Problem Raceway.  The event was the Jr. Dragster Challenge sponsored by OíReilly Auto Parts.  During our pre-race maintenance we put fuel in the car and the fuel cell started to leak.  We had the track announce that we were looking for a fuel cell after we had attempted a repair.  A fellow racer came to our rescue, but the first round had started.  We watched the racing and will be back another day.


June 18, 2006

We took both the Jr. Dragster and my Duster and went racing at State Capitol Raceway.


We started the Junior Dragster up during time trails and went to the line to stage.  Dad was out front directing Justin so that he would stage straight.  Everything seemed okay, until the car started pushing itís way through the staging lights.  Justin shut the motor down as instructed and we pushed him back from the starting line.  I did not know what was wrong and consulted our fellow racers, who stated that the clutch may have gotten to hot and was locking up.  We started the car again after a few minutes and this time the engine started to rev without pressing the gas peddle.  When things like this happen its time to pack up and call it a day.  We took the car back to the pits and did the required maintenance between rounds later that day.  The car did not run well, but everyone was safe so we had a good day of Jr. Dragster racing.


June 10, 2006


Justin and dad went Jr. Dragster Racing at S. C. Raceway.  The week before the race we changed out the Seat Belts, Added a manual kill switch per the new NHRA rules and added some roll bar padding.  In addition, we adjusted the hard stop on the gas peddle to allow the carb to open a little wider.


Things went good on race day.  The car went down the track two passes in a row without popping.  We ran two time trails and during eliminations ran 0.003 off the dialed in time.  However, Justin was a little to quick off the tree and red lighted.


May 20, 2006 -

What do you do on the perfect Saturday morning in May?  You go Drag Racing at State Capital Raceway (Formerly State Capital Dragway).


First the Track:


Improvements are under way to the track and surrounding grounds.  The stands are being painted and most of the roads into the pit areas have been paved.  There is a new PA system and new lights are being installed to help brighten up the pits.  I talked to the owner and the new top end timing boards are here and should be installed next week.  The new owner plans on extending the timing tower and rearranging the staging lines which includes paving the area of the track closest to highway 190.  There are also a lot of old familiar and nice faces working at the track.


Now racing:


The Jackson family packed the BMRT Jr. Dragster and 74 Duster and went racing.


Justin was more than ready to continue driving the BMRT Jr. Dragster.  Dad spent part of the day Friday trying to make sure the car was ready for racing.  The Jr. Dragster is a real race car and must be prepped as such.  In the weeks prior to this race the Jr. Dragster has been to a High School Car Show, a Middle School Career Day and a few other events.


We ran three time trails, with mom and Toshia serving as crew members with the two back.  I am still chasing the tune up on this car.  I go through the required maintenance after each race, but cannot get this car to run consistant for an 8/9 year old driver.  I think I am going to put some of the power back in the car and slow it down by adding some weight.  In the first round Justinís opponent cut a 0.001 light and ran very close to her dial in.  Our car and driver was not up to this type of challenge YET.


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U-Store-It at 9530 Dawnadele Dr., Baton Rouge, LA,  has donated storage space to house our Jr. Dragster.  The U-Store-It is managed by Jean and Bob Autenreath.  The phone number is (225) 293-4558.  Visit their web site: 

James Moore - Donated ALL of the oil that the Jr. Dragster will need.  Thanks to Mr. James Moore.

Keith's Pro Paint & Body, 9950 Hooper Rd, Baton Rouge, LA (225) 262-9000, painted the BMRT Jr. Dragster.   BMRT Says Thanks To Keith and the Staff at Keith's Pro Paint & Body!  The excellent  paint job was donated by Keith. 
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