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                       Keith "Young Blood" Veal

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I am Keith D. Veal, AKA "Young Blood", and I was born Nov. 19, 1981.  My Pop started taking me to the race track at the age of eighteen months, so, I've been around racing twenty-one years of my life.  When all the kids in my part of town were riding tri-cycles, I had a go-cart!  My first competition came when I raced a neighborhood kid on his go-cart and he beat me.  After that, I came home and wanted to know how to make my cart go faster!  That day, one of my Pop's friends was at the house and he showed me how to hold the choke open to get more speed.  So after that, I went back and won the race!  At that time I was only eight years old.  

I've always loved to travel to NHRA events out of town.  I've talked to several Pro Drivers, such as Kenny Bernstein, Larry Dixon, John Force, Jim Yates and Angelle Savoie.  

Now here comes the thrill.  A few years ago, my father ("Pops"), John W. Veal, Jr., AKA "Ninu", decided that it was about time for me to cruise down the track!  My first time down the track was in my Pop's race truck, a 1974 Chevy Luv.  On my first pass, Pops said to make a light pass to get the feeling of the truck.  That was a 10.679 @ 127.87 MPH pass.  Since then we've changed places in the drivers seat.  After I started driving for Pops, I have been in the Winners Circle, or in finals, almost every Friday night.  

Now I drive a 1968 Camaro for a friend of my Pops and I, Mr. Charles E. Smith, better know as, "Charles Edward".  He's the one who gave me the name "Young Blood" after I started driving his car.  I recently received my NHRA Competition Drivers License for 2002-2003.  The Young Blood Camaro has, so far, had a best ET of, 9.400 @ 140.67 MPH.  

"Young Blood" graduated from Baton Rouge's Capitol Senior High School.  Now he is a student at Louisiana State University (LSU), studying Pharmacy.  He is holding a 3.8 GPA in that field.  He plans to transfer to Xavier University in New Orleans, LA to finish college and is looking forward to pledging in a fraternity.

"Young Blood" is the youngest driver on Bracket Masters Racing Team.  My Camaro is the one of the quickest cars on the team.  In my past two years of drag racing, I would say that I've won more than the average racer.  The car is legal to compete in Super Pro, Super Comp, Super Gas and Super Street.  During this year, "Young Blood" plans to race a new BBC 555 engine that should take him to between the high 8's and the low 9's.  I also plan to compete for points at one of the local tracks during the coming racing season, so look out for "Young Blood"!

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3/14/03 - Young Blood wins at State Capitol Dragway.  The cage has been upgraded and the car is certified to race.  The gold 68 Camaro made it's first appearance at the track this year and got into the winners circle.  The new motor is not ready so they installed a 468 CID engine while the "Big" motor is being finished.  Due to a malfunction with the T-Brake switch, Young Blood had to drive the car using footbrake only.  Young Blood out drove all the electronic cars in Super Pro and won the 1st place trophy!  He had a best time of 10.26 @130 MPH.  Congratulations!

3/23/03 - The Gold Camaro continues to go rounds.  In the MS vs. LA Shootout, Young Blood went deeper into the competition than any other member of BMRT.  He lost when there were only 8 cars left in the Pro Class (Super Pro).  He tried to cut it too close and had a .498 red light!  He had taken .005 out of the box when he redlighted.  It would have been hard to win anyway, the tower had put his time in incorrect on the scoreboard, 10.05 sec vs. 10.09 sec.  We should always look down there before we turn on that top light.  
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5/4/03 - Young Blood won runner-up at SCD in the Summit Racing Series event.  He lost in the finals when he broke his torque converter during the previous.  Of course he went to the line to try to trick the other driver into a foul start, but it did not work.  He collected the points for 2nd place and that should put him very high in the points standings. In the 5th round, he had to run teammate, Houston Hawkins when the computer paired them up.  Houston had a very bad light and Young Blood could not be caught.  

6/20/03 - Young Blood and the Gold Camaro returned to the track for testing after installing a new 555 CID BBC engine.  There is still some shaking out to do, but they did manage to win a big buck match race during the outing. 

8/1/03 - Problems with the new motor will require a disassembly and rebuild.  They should be ready for the Louisiana Drag Classic in October. 

8/12/03 - After completing studies at the main campus of LSU in Baton Rouge, Keith was accepted at LSU's School of Pharmacy in New Orleans!  Congratulations Young Blood!

10/9/03 - Young Blood participated in the 4th Annual Louisiana Drag Classic.  During the race, Young Blood and Arnold Jordan hooked up in a pre-arranged grudge race.  The winner of the race... Young Blood!  This was the most anticipated event of the day.  Congratulations to both drivers!
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5/18/04 - Young Blood has been attending LSU's School of Pharmacy and maintaining Honor Roll status with a 3.8 GPA during this semester.  Young Blood wrote me with these comments:
Mr. Skip, I'm doing great now that I'm finish with school until next fall!  Anyway, I was just touching basis with the team, and I would like for you to enter the following on my web page.  I have been sneaking down to No Problem Raceway Park the past few weekends doing school and getting in some drag racing to maintain my standings in the points chase.  I've managed to take 9th place so far.  Now that I'm out of school I will be able to do my job on the track and get my ".000" reaction times back at the starting line! 
Anyway, I plan to finish in the top 5 at the end of the season which ends around September.  I think I'm doing really well for my first time ever racing for points in a whole season.  I've finished in the quarter finals a couple of races so, they better look out! 
My 555 cid engine will be installed very soon.  I plan on running the "Div 4" events at "SCD" an "NPRP" in Super Street class, which is a 10.90 index.  Talk to you soon. 

6/12/04 - The team traveled to Shreveport, LA to race at Red River Raceway and the Shreveport Racers.  Young Blood went 4 rounds before losing when there were only 5 cars left.  He was accompanied by his Dad "Ninu" and Mr. Jerry Brown, driving his Red El Camino. 
Young Blood has also been doing real well in the points at No Problem Raceway where he is currently 6th, overall in the standings.  He went to the 1/4 finals the last time, on June 6, 2004.
After leaving Shreveport, they were headed to Eunice to race at Louisiana Raceway.  Nothing like keeping sharp with lots of seat time!

8/19/04 - I hear a roar of a new engine, maybe a 555 BBC?  Youngblood is currently 5th in points at No Problem Raceway.  I am told that he was testing a new engine.  Last time at the track, there are rumors he ran a 8.82 sec. 149.9 MPH pass!  Look out Marcus!  This would make a good match race for the Louisiana Drag Classic! 

9/23/04 - I am told that Marcus and Charles Edwards, owner of the car, and Youngblood have talked and the Match Race is on for the Louisiana Drag Classic!

Sept. 3, 2004 - The Match Race is on and Young Blood and Charles Edwards are ready.  They are looking fwd. to the race and feel their engine and car are ready.  The buzz in the community is that they have got something extra  for Marcus.  I understand the engine was dyno tested by Larry Moe, and made over 1000 HP!  We will all see tomorrow at the Louisiana Drag Classic.  

January 20, 2005 - Young Blood wrote this update:  School has been great!  I'm sitting out this semester to finish the 2005 racing season. We've had three races at the end of 2004 and I've managed to stay on top.  So, what I'm saying is, as of right now, I'm number 1 in Super Pro points at NPRP!  My goal is to win the championship in 2005.  I finished number 5 in 2004, plus working hard in school at the same time.  I will focus on NPRP for the remainder of the 2005 seasons points race.  I also plan on making about four or five Division 4 Races this year in S/ST. 
I want to wish everybody a happy an sucessful 2005 racing season.

March 28, 2005 - Keith "Young Blood" Veal is in first place in the points at No Problem Raceway Park.  After seven races in the series, he is on top by one point!  Hang in there Young Blood.

Young Blood finished 2nd in the No Problem Raceway Points for Super-Pro for 2005.  Congratulations!!!

May 17, 2005 - Young Blood, Ninu and Charles Edward had a lot of followers to the Battle on the bayou.  Thanks for the support.  They had over 18 people there. 

July 22, 2006 - While visiting Pro-Fab yesterday, I noted the gold Camaro of Young Blood sitting, waiting on parts.  The car has been repaired from the brake problem that caused both front tires to lock up and slide at the top end of the track at over 140 MPH.  The failure put two holes in the front runners.  Keith was very lucky and Blessed to get out of the car in one piece.  The new front end in here and must be attached to the car and new rear brakes are on the way.  The front brakes have been repaired and every part of the system has been checked out.  The car should be ready to go in about a week.  It will be nice to see Young Blood back on the track and getting back into his winning ways.  

Sept. 10, 2006 - Young Blood Racing was out in force at the Louisiana Drag Classic.  The team bought two, freshly painted, cars to the race and a host of supporters. 

June 17, 2007 - All of the Young Blood Racing cars were out at the Father's Day Race. 


Nov. 11-12, 2007 - Keith and all of the Young Blood Racing Team cars were at the Holiday Helpers Race at State Capitol Raceway. 

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