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                Mark Washington - Sargent At Arms


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  Mark & Barbara "Da Bu"


Mark Washington, found out at an early age that he loved to race.  He

started racing in the early 80's on 2 wheels with a Kawasaki KZ 1000. In

the early 90's he moved to 4 wheels with a 1975 Chevy LUV. 

Now nearly 30 years later, with a family in tow, he now drives a 1979

Malibu Wagon Called "DA BU".


Mark joined Bracket Masters Racing Team in 1999. He enjoys being

associated and spending time with his team members and their families.


Mark has been married nearly 30 years to his lovely wife, Mrs.  Barbara

Washington, who helps
 make his journey in racing worth every moment. 

They are proud parents and grandparents, they are deeply rooted in their

Faith and their walk with GOD.


Mark's Family Photos & "Da Bu"!