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Ms. Shelia Davis

Ms. Shelia Davis, has been a technical consultant for this web site since we went on line in January 2001.  Shelia inspects and proofs each page for accuracy after they are posted.  Shelia has been very helpful in testing the site using different browsers and directing site maintenance.  Shelia is originally from Shreveport, LA, but has made her new home Baton Rouge, LA where she owns her own home. 

Shelia is a Supervisor in the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles and she is a computer programmer.  Shelia also teaches computer classes at Louisiana State University.  Shelia was recently made a honorary member of Bracket Masters Racing Team when she worked all day selling BMRT clothing and other items at the Toys for Katrina Kids Race, given at State Capitol Raceway in November 2006.  

June 18, 2008 - Ms. Davis enjoyed the day at the races with her friends, Mrs. Holbert and the Mrs. Alexander & family, during the Father's Day Race.

Nov. 11-12, 2007 - Ms. Davis worked with Skip to take photographs at the Holiday Helpers Race at State Capitol Raceway.  All the award photos were taken by Ms. Davis.  Thanks Shelia!


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