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Tery Red

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Not only does Tery Red live in Houston, TX, she says, "I am Houston!"  Tery takes Drag Racing and her commitments to God, family and community very seriously.  Tery was admitted to Bracket Masters Racing Team as an honorary member on September 8, 2002.  She and Hubby, "Mr. Mad" participated in the last two Louisiana Drag Classics.  Tery went to the quarter-finals the Street Class and Father-in-law, A.D. Rigmaiden, Sr., went to the quarter-finals in Super Pro in the 2001 event.   

                                      TeryRedPhotos.jpg (38316 bytes)  A Family of Race Cars!

Tery participates in several Houston Raceway Park activities and races.   Tery races at other Texas area tracks too.  With Tery as a Honorary Member, Bracket Masters will have an area representative @ all or most Houston area events.

Houston s oldest Black owned radio station, KCOH, has a sports show in which the host relies on Tery Red to deliver the Motor-Sports News, and to keep the community informed on any Houston Raceway Park related activities.  Tery has also been honored with the privilege of attending different motor sports events and interviewing motor sports celebrities.  She has done follow-ups with such special guests who grace Houston's presence as, Willie T. Ribbs, Antron Brown and Angelle Savoie.

Tery states, "When I heard about Bracket Masters, I had to come see for myself, I participated in the Louisiana Drag Classic, which Bracket Masters sponsored, and I felt right at home!  What a warm reception! The whole Bracket Masters entourage was just unbelievable! I've participated in many events in my day and that one was by far the most memorable!!  The warmth, the people, the organization, the beauty of it all! ... I will never forget that event!!!!!"  

Wow!  With an endorsement like that, we are floating on cloud nine!  Welcome Tery Red!

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11/17/02 - Tery and Mr. Mad participated in the "Clash of Titans" and he went to the finals in Super Pro, finishing runner-up.  

1/30/03 - We were able to try the new set-up a couple Fridays ago.  I ran an 11.91@111.81.  This year my Coach and Crew Chief will be looking for consistency both in ET and RT.  Hopefully I’ll be able to deliver.

Update: 3-15-03 Starter problems prevented TERY RED from getting past one time trial

            4-10-13-03 Covered O’Reilly Spring Nationals for In The Fass Lane with yours truly Tery Red

            5-24-03 Worked out the kinks and made it to the finals @ the Footbrake Nationals @ HRP.

            5-31-03 Made it to the ¼ finals in the O’Reilly E.T. Bracket Series.

            6-21-03 Another ¼ final victory under the belt!

            6-28-03 Towed for teammate and lover “Mr. Mad” @ the Clash of the Titans.  Mr. Mad was the number one qualifier and definitely is a formidable contender in EZ Street.

            7-12-03 Tried out the new Evadale track (Ben Bruce Memorial Airway Race Park); it’s an awesome track! It’s fast!

10/9/03 - Tery Red and Mr. Mad attended the Louisiana Drag Classic at No Problem Raceway Park on 10/4/03 and helped with the race and T-shirt sales.  All of the team members were happy to see them as ever. 
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Dec. 30, 2004 - Just dropping in to say hi!  Tery and I haven't been able to get down there as much as we like, but this next year, we will be traveling. Tery's firebird has a new home (Penn. State) And both of us are running Camaro's now. We will see you guys soon.

Mr. Mad's Camaro    Tery Red's Camaro

3/5/05 - Tery, the boys and Mr. Mad were at the Super Chevy Show, without cars, at No Problem Raceway Park.  Their cars are set up for 1/8 mile and it would have taken a lot of work to make them ready for this weekend. They are all looking good and enjoying talking with the members.

6/28/05 - Tery's Update! 
I was just writing to update you guys on our racing. We went to a local event called, The Clobberton, and we Won our class. Six (6) rounds of racing. Mr. Mad took my ride out for a spin in this win. The car is dead consistent and ready for the Classic. Also the small block in our TS car is gone to it's new home up in Chicago. So the new larger motor is on the way. We will see if we can give Mr. Houston a run for his money.  (Editors note: Sounds like a Match Race challenge to me!)

7/10/06 - Tery and Mr. Mad's Latest Update:

How's everything been? All well I hope. We have made some changes here. Tery's car has been sold to hopefully make way for a later body style soon. Our tube chassis Texas Pro Stock car is finally getting there, we finished dynoing the motor Friday, and it was pretty good for a conventional headed 554 BBC. It made 1078 hp @ 8000, and 791 ft. lb. of torque @ 6300. This should get us in the ball park. We are looking for some 4.8's in the 1/8 mile. We are hoping to make it out to the Drag Classic, have you guys ever considered running 1/8 mile at the drag classic? As you mentioned, it is more economical and safer. I would love to run the car, but we really only run 1/8 mile. Any way we hope to see you guys soon.
Mr. Mad & Tery Red. 

(Editors note: Their engine made over 200 HP more than Skip's BBC on the dyno!  I have noticed that most of the match race Pro Mods, Baby Pro Mods and the Texas Pro Mod group, all run 1/8 mile in their events.  That may be one way of getting more fast cars to come to our race.)

April 17, 2007 - Mr. Mad sent an email today with photos of his latest Top Stock Pontiac.  He says they are still trying to work out the bugs, but it is coming along nicely.