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Van & Stella wrote a e-Mail to BMRT in 2001, before joining the team, and expressed the following:  "I visited your website and copied the by-laws as you suggested.  I think the website is fantastic and the by-laws are most concise.  I commend you guys on your efforts in bringing structure and class to a black drag race organization.  I really think you guys are an asset to drag racing and the Baton Rouge community.  Rarely do I get to see that type of unity, particularly when race cars are the catalyst.  I have a desire to be connected with a group of people that give off positive energy, and it seems as though you guys really have it going on". 

The Johnson's are now Honorary Members of  Bracket Masters Racing Team, due to the distance involved and Van's work schedule.  We are very happy to have them as members.  They have been faithful workers and all of the team events.  Their work ethic is contagious and their attention to detail rubs off on everyone that comes in contact with them.  Van, Stella, Preston and Chandra have formed a racing team of their own, Zubie Racing.  They still participate in many of the Bracket Masters events and work as hard as any of the teams regular members. 

The Johnson's have built a '69 Chevelle for Super Gas/Super Street classes.  The name of the car is Zubie III.  ET's have been in the 9.40 - 9.60 range, which is a bit quicker than Van expected.  They have installed a throttle stop and will compete in the 10.90 Index Super Street class at NHRA tracks.  A 532 cu. in. BBC is the engine of choice.  We calculate that the engine puts out around 800-850 horsepower is very capable of moving the 3400 lbs. car through the quarter to run on the index of either Super Gas (9.90 sec) or Super Street.  The car has a tube chassis with ladder bar rear suspension.  The chassis is NHRA certified.  Van built the car in his work shop behind his home in New Iberia, LA.  The engine was built by the Procell Brothers of Orange, Texas.  There is still a lot of work to do, and they are very excited about competing on at NHRA National Events and Divisional Events.  Chandra and Van have obtained their NHRA Competition Drivers Licenses.  The Johnson's are planning the work and working the plan.



2005- Zubie III - After four years of building, the car is complete and has had some of the track testing completed.  Van and Chandra have made a total of 15 passes and the best time so far is, 9.62 @ 140 MPH.  Already the car has exceeded the goal set by Van, Stella, Preston and Chandra.  The engine is a BBC 532 cu. in., built by Procell Brothers of Orange, TX.  Van has completed his license passes and received his NHRA S/G Competition Drivers License - June 11, 2005.

During the recent trip to Houston Raceway Park we learned that Daughter Chandra will be the driver of the Chevelle!  

Stella and Van attended their first "Black Sunday" race at Gateway International in Madison, IL on 9/23/01.  Van was the official "crew chief" for Skip's Masterpiece during the race.  Van also helped work on Mailman's 69 Camaro BBC (United Drag Racers of New Orleans) after it ventilated #6 Piston during time trials on Sat.  Everyone enjoyed all the festivities, including the Hospitality on Friday night.  Van plans to have his car ready for next year's race. 

11/18/01 - Van took part in negotiations, and was the official recording secretary, with No Problem Raceway Park for hosting the 2002 Louisiana Drag Classic.  Four other members of Bracket Master Racing Team and 2 members of the United Drag Racers of New Orleans conducted business with owner Pat Joffrion. 

11/20/01 - Skip and Houston made the short drive over to New Iberia, LA to visit with Van, Stella & Preston Johnson to deliver their team jackets.  We were treated to the great hospitality of the Johnson's and we got to see, up close and in person, the chassis work going on with the 69' Chevelle.  This is going to be one great car.  The work is being meticulously done by Van, and you can see that it will be perfect (Mr. Perfection) when it is finished.  We learned that there is no time table on finishing the car.  When it is completed to Mr. Johnson's satisfaction, then it will be done. 

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Before leaving the Johnson's we were given the grand tour of the workshop, which includes the chassis shop, storage area, boat parking area and a complete (really complete) woodworking shop with assembly area.  If you think we were impressed with the quality of work being done on the car, we were just blown away by the quality of work that Van does on the furniture that he makes right here in the shop.  No one piece is ever duplicated.  He will not make the same piece for another customer (we get the impression that there will never be another chassis like the one under the Chevelle)!  We were treated to Red Beans 'N Rice, with Sausage and Corn Bread by Stella before leaving.  We really enjoyed the visit and we are looking forward to a team outing sometime in the future in New Iberia with the Johnson's.

1/18/02 - After winning the local Student of the Year award, Preston Johnson has been awarded the Iberia Parish 5th Grade Student of the Year!  Mom and Dad, along with all the Bracket Masters Racing Team, are very proud of Preston.  He is now in competition for  Regional Student of the Year.  We know Preston will do very well.  We are praying and pulling for you Preston.  Congratulations!. 

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3/10/02 - Bracket Masters Racing Team will send 5-6 cars to the Boy Scout Scout-O-Rama in New Iberia, LA for a Car Show in City Park.  They have also purchased an ad in the Boy Scout ad book.  Preston Johnson is a member of the local Boy Scout Troop. 

3/15/02 - Regional Competition For Student Of The Year starts March 21st

4/6/02 - Bracket Masters Racing Team sent 9 cars to New Iberia, LA 2002 Scout-O-Rama, held in City Park.  A good time was had by all team members and the people enjoyed looking over the cars.   The many scouting activities were very interesting and challenging to the participants.  
After Scout-O-Rama was complete, the Johnsons invited the racing team to their home for dinner and a look at the progress of the race car.  A good time was had by all of the team.  The  hospitality of the Johnson's is typical of South Louisiana, and  BMRT was impressed with the food and the welcome! 
Visit this link:  Scout-O-Rama

6/1/02 - Van, Stella and Preston traveled to Budd's Creek, Maryland for the QuarterMasters SuperCharger Shootout.  The team had a total of 3 race cars, 10 adults and 4 children, along for the trip.  Everyone enjoyed the hospitality of the QuarterMasters Racing Team.  Van was the Pit Crew for all three cars.  Working with Marcus to help with his transmission problems and he was the primary worker on Skip's "Masterpiece" when the front seal on the engine blew out on the first time trial.  Van removed the damper and helped install the new timing cover seal around the crank.  All of this work was accomplished in time to make the 2nd time trial, on time.  During the trip from Baton Rouge, Van was the "Back Door" driver for the caravan of trucks and trailers.  The 1200 Mile trip was completed in just over 23 hours.  

6/23/02 - Van, Stella, Preston and Aaron Johnson attended the BMRT Annual Picnic at State Capitol Dragway.  Van was not feeling well and did not do his normal pit crew thing for "Masterpiece", but he was there as moral support.  The Johnson's enjoyed the picnic and the racing.  They were there until the race was called because of rain. 

10/11-13/2002 - The Johnson's including Daughter Chandra's family, attended the LADC.  The original arrangements and coordination was taken care of by Mrs. Stella Johnson.  Unfortunately, the Johnson's were forced to evacuate from their New Iberia, LA home by Hurricane Lili during the week before the race.  That did not stop them from attending the race and taking a big part in the success of the race and the Hospitality Welcome.  Van was everywhere he was needed and then some.  Stella's coordination skills, which were in use months before the race occurred, was evident in the excellent manner that everything turned out.  Thanks to the Johnsons!

10/4/03 - Van, Stella, Preston and Aaron attended the 4th Annual Louisiana Drag Classic.  The family worked very hard all day to make the race and Hospitality a success.  Stella and Preston worked selling T-shirts, Aaron sold Media Books.  Van worked over 6 hours on the gate selling admissions while greeting all the racers and spectators.  Their collective efforts were greatly appreciated by the team.  
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After the race, Van was presented with a custom made Bracket Masters Racing Team Clock.   The clock has the names of each team member and the BMRT Logo on the face.  This clock was given as a token of appreciation for all the work that Van and the family put in during the race.  

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Here is some Great News about our family that is into the racing scene in on the West Coast!  My nephew is Crew Chief with a race team that races imports.  The driver is Bisi Ezerioha, who drives a 1988 Honda, Model CRX HF, with a F22 engine.  He races in the "All Motor" class in IDRC (Import Drag Racing Circuit).  Their team won the World Championship on November 23, 2003 in the IDRC International Finals at Los Angeles County Raceway, CA!  

Van was talking to him about our web site (  and informed him that we might mention them on our site.  This would lead to exposure down south.  He is going to e-mail us the particulars about the win.  He can be reached by e-mail at  This is my nephew, Jonathan Mitchell from Carson, CA .  The race is scheduled to be on ESPN 2 on December 14th at 7 pm PT ( 9 pm our time).  You can read all about the race team and driver at: 

February 3, 2005 - The engine for the Chevelle has been started!  Sounds great and smells good too.  It shouldn't be long before the "shakedown run".  The World is waiting on the unveiling of "Zubie II".  I have seen photos of the finished product, but I have been sworn to secrecy not to let out any details.  I am about to pop!  Knowing Mr. Johnson, the first run will be a perfect light, with an awesome perfect run. 
Congratulations are in order, Mrs. Stella Johnson was chosen the "Outstanding Educator" by the Chamber of Commerce in her hometown of Jeanerette, LA,  as well as "The Teacher of the Year" at her school.  We are all proud of Stella for earning these well deserved awards!!!  Preston and Aaron are doing great.

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