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                Warren Birkett & Owen Birkett 

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On November 19, 2016, No Problem Raceway Park in Belle Rose, Louisiana hosted the inaugural NHRA Cajun Classic National Open..  Racers from
Canada, California, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Louisiana set nine national records; one of these was by Owen Birkett.  Owen set the SS/MA (super stock
automatic) record at 11.00 seconds, at over 116MPH, which is 0.85 under the class index. He was driving his and his dad Warren‘s 350c.i. 155H.P. Buick
engine in their 1979 Buick Regal. The record was certified after the vehicle was weighed (3,435 lbs), wheel base measured and fuel checked (VP C12).  Then
the engine was disassembled, with all components measured per NHRA technical blueprint specification including the Quadrajet carburetor.

Prior the 2 ½ hour tear-down, he also ran in completion running times no slower than 11.04 seconds coupled  reactions times no worse the .020,
he raced down to the last three cars before the engine expired ending this chances of winning the event.   

 For over a year, the Birkett’s have been working with TA Performance, Scottsdale, Arizona, to develop a new Quadrajet aluminum intake manifold for
the 350c.i. Buick engine (3rd design)..  They also have been working with Herche Engines, Indianapolis, Indiana, running newly designed small block Buick connecting rods. 


August 5, 2008 - Owen recently won a race in Reynolds, GA., won best reaction money (.002) and best package. See Racer Profile


Nov. 11-12, 2007 - Warren ran two cars at the Holiday Helpers Race at State Capitol Raceway.  Warren ran the station wagon in Non-Electronics Class, and ran time trials to test some recent work on the Buick.  Both cars ran well and Warren enjoyed the days events.


July 15, 2007 - The Baton Rouge SMART Program and the Bracket Masters Racing Team were invited to participate in "NHRA Day" at the Community School for Apprentice Learning on 07/05/07.  The CSAL Charter School is a Middle Grade School located in East Baton Rouge Parish at 1555 Madison Avenue, Baton Rouge, LA.  Our host for NHRA Day was Mr. Khiresell Lee, the son of BMRT member, Robert Garner.  Mr. Warren Birkett, of BR SMART, was the featured speaker.  Mr. Reggie Jackson, of the BMRT Youth Program, provided additional information to the students.

The students were introduced too the fundaments of racing which included discussions of the different NHRA classes, staging during eliminations and other race day activities.  This presentation was aided by the use of the NHRA and BMRT web pages in addition to a power point presentation provided by our host.  The students were also introduced to the different careers associated with the automotive industry including mechanics, computer specialist, graphic designers, writers, publishers and engineers to name a few. 

After the classroom session’s students went outside and toured the cars provided by members of the BMRT, including the teams Junior Dragster.  At each car students were provided details on the construction of the car, the required safety equipment and the NHRA class that the car competes in.  This was followed by a question and answer session at each car.  Team Members present included, Taurus Jones with his Nova, Reggie Jackson with the BMRT Junior Dragster, Robert Garner & son, Khiresell Lee with their Monte Carlo and their Z28 Camaro that is under construction.  Mr. Birkett is President of the Baton Rouge SMART Program and a honorary member of BMRT.

After the class room and outside activities the students and members from the BMRT and BR SMART were treated to  a pizza lunch by our host. Photos of NHRA Day.


Mid March, 2007 - Owen and Warren traveled to Orlando and Gainesville, FL to run both cars.  Owen went two rounds in Orlando and went all the way to the semi-finals (4 cars left) in Gainesville!   Warren did not have such good fortune.  He lost in the first round of both events. 

March 1-4, 2007 - No Problem Raceway Park Lucus Oil DRS - Warren ran the wagon in M/S class.  After cutting a good light, Warren ran an 11.546 on an 11.55 dial-in (on the brakes) to lose by a break-out in the first round.  This was the fate of many of the racers when the weather conditions were some of the best ever at No Problem Raceway Park for the event.  Low humidity and cool temps. made for some great times and lots of break-outs.  One racer said, "My weather station doesn't have any data in it to deal with DA of minus 600 feet!" 

Feb. 16-18, 2007 - Houston Raceway Park - NHRA Lucas Oil Div. 4 Points Meet. 

Warren was one busy person.  He successfully ran both cars at the event.  After a flat tire put the Buick out of commission while trying to get the car out of the trailer, and having battery trouble with the wagon, he settled down and got both car to run under the index of both classes.  Stock was first out on Sunday morning and Warren was in the first pair down the track.  There were no time trials on Sunday and the weather conditions and track conditions had changed drastically overnight.  On Saturday, the wind was in the face of the drivers and it was very cold.  On Sunday, there was no wind, the temp. was mild and the humidity was almost non-existent.  Warren spun the tires and he was a loser in Stock as the day got off to a bad start. 

Warren came back in Super Stock with the Buick and drove a very good race, but took too much stripe and ran a 12.05 on a 12.08 for a brake-out loss.  

Warren Birkett - Stock/Super Stock Photos

Feb. 9, 2007 - Warren is planning to run two cars at the Lucas Oil Event in Baytown, TX., Houston Raceway Park, Feb. 16-18, 2007.  He will compete in two classes, Stock and Super Stock.  The Buick will run in SS and the Wagon will run in Stock.   

Dec. 17, 2006 - Warren and wife, Brenda, attended the December Dinner Meeting of Bracket Masters Racing team

Sept. 10, 2006 - Warren drove the M/S wagon in the Louisiana Drag Classic.

July 19, 2006 - At the installation ceremonies of the Baton Rouge Chapter of Rotary International, held at Boudreaux's, and flanked by his lovely wife Brenda, Warren O. Birkett, Jr. was installed as President of Rotary International of Baton Rouge.  Warren had recently returned from a European trip, sponsored by Rotary, where he toured many of the old countries and saw many of the sights of the old world.  

From Rotary website:

Today there are over 30,000 Rotary Clubs located in 162 countries. Any Rotarian is welcome to attend any Rotary Club and is extended the Rotary hand of fellowship. One of the greatest privileges of membership is the opportunity it affords to make friends and establish service, business and social relationships with fellow Rotarians throughout the worlds

Recently, "225 Baton Rouge" magazine named Warren as one of the "Top 50 People To Watch" in the Baton Rouge area and wrote the following:

The Baton Rouge Rotary Club has a strong reputation as a gathering of successful business leaders with a conscience who jump to help the community when it can. WARREN BIRKETT will become its president for 2006, the first African-American to hold the post in the chapters history. When considered along with the fact the mayor, chief of police and top parish education officials also are black, Birkett's election is more evidence Baton Rouge has finally embraced African-Americans not only as peers, but as leaders.

     Warren Installed as Rotary Club President

April 28, 2006 - Warren Birkett participates in Glen Oaks High School Car Show.


Racing in NHRA’s stock eliminator class Owen and Warren Birkett both participated at the NHRA Division 2 race held on March 3 through 5 in Orlando, Florida, and at the ACDelco Gator Nationals held in Gainesville, Florida on March 9th through 12th.

Owen Birkett drives their 1979 Buick Regal powered by a 155H.P., 350c.i. Buick motor assembled by Herche Performance in Indiana to meet NHRA stock class specifications. In Orlando, racing in L/Stock Automatic ( at M/SA weight) he qualified 28th at -.968 under the class national index out of 106 entries and at the Gator Nationals in M/SA in the 26th position at -1.117 under out of the 100 entries. In Orlando he "red-lit" in the first round and in Gainesville he did it again in the second round with a -.008 reaction time and running 12.002 on his 12.00 dial. Also at the Gator Nationals, Owen had a .002 reaction time and ran 11.995 on the 13.15 index only to loose, for the first time in two years on a green light start, the head-up M/SA class eliminations by .007. His reaction times at the Gator Nationals event were .006, .032, .0037, .002 and -.008

Owen’s dad Warren ran their 1980 Chevy Malibu Wagon, powered by a 305 ci., also in M/SA. He qualified at the bottom of the field at both events, number 98 with a 12.954 of 106 entries in Orlando and 99 at the ACDelco Gator Nationals. with a 13.14 on the 13.15 national index. He went four rounds of the seven rounds needed to win the Orlando race. As a result of a slipping transmission, at the Gator Nationals he lost in the first round. As of March 27, 2006, Warren is currently in the third position of the divisional 4 points standing.

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