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                Daytona Beach Bikes & Hangouts

While visiting my hometown, Daytona Beach, Florida, for a class reunion, I decided to photograph some of the local Biker Hangouts and bikes in and around some of the shops in town.  

It is fitting that Daytona Beach, site of the World's Most Famous Beach, the annual March Motorcycle Speed Weeks and motorcycle race at Daytona International Speedway, would have the worlds largest Harley-Davidson dealership.  All Bikers should attend at least one Motorcycle Speed Weeks in March of each year in Daytona Beach.

The locals go on vacation or into hiding during Motorcycle Speed Weeks!   There is no room for a car on any curb on the Beach Side of town, and very little curb space on the Mainland side of the city.  These photos were taken in July, on Sat. and Sunday afternoons.  All kidding aside, Daytona Beach residents open their doors to the bikers.  Many biker families come to the city.   Special events are sponsored by the city and are held especially for the bikers.   Bikers from all over the USA come every year to show their new custom creations and to look at the newest bike offerings.  This annual  event is comparable to any major Auto Show or Expo in the country.

All the custom bikes in the last photos were taken at the same shop pictured. The Harley dealership and the last 3 custom shops are all on Beach Street on the Mainland side of Daytona Beach.  "Chopper World" is on Main Street, on the beach side of the city, with the majority of the Biker Bars and Hangouts.        


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