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George Patin
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The Old Car at Pontiac Show in Dallas, 1998. (Semi-Finalist)


George is a charter member of Bracket Masters Racing Team.  The first meeting, with the original nine members, was held in George's garage.  We were  huddled around a small heater in January of 1996.  George is the self proclaimed Cook of the team and has been a very supportive team member since inception. 

During one trip to Houston Raceway Park, Patin charcoal roasted a whole pig in a wooden box!  He also did Bar-B-Que chops and sausage with all the trimmings.  We had a ball and everyone enjoyed the food.   

Patin is a loyal Pontiac supporter.  His old car had a Nova body and his new car will be a Vega.  His motors are all Pontiac.  This is very smart move.  He can enter the Super Chevy Shows or the Pontiac Excitement Shows with no problem!

The car is being built by, BRC Race Car Fabrication, of Lumberton, MS.  The new car will have a 400 CI, Pontiac motor with 2 stages of NOS.  It is expected to run in Super Pro, S/C  (8.90) and S/G (9.90) classes.   The motor will also run on Alky.  Two Gary Williams 1050 CFM Dominators will feed the Aluminum Head motor. 

The Annual Team Picnic was held at State Capitol Dragway and "Patin" cooked an excellent menu of Ribs, Chicken, Sausage, Brisket, Mac & Cheese with Baked Beans.  Everyone had plenty to eat and the Master Chef proved once again why he is the Bracket Masters "Team Cook".

George has accepted a job in Denver, CO and will be gone from 4-6 months.  George will return periodically to visit (and pay his dues) and check on his family.  We will all miss Patin while he is away and will be praying for his safe return.  
I understand the first week he was in Denver, it snowed and the temp. dropped into the 20's to welcome our buddy!  

Patin returned home for a brief visit and only had time to say hello to a few members.  He said he was getting use to the cold weather and had learned to dress to fight off the cold.  He also reported that the Rocky Mountains were beautiful. 

JC_Patin.jpg (38226 bytes) Mardi Gras Parade

Patin has set aside work on the racecar in favor of starting a new business.  George will continue his work as a heavy equipment operator in a Baton Rouge plant for the near future, but he will start a new three-fold business.  He will combine a Janitorial Service, Lawn Service and Pressure Washing Service into one business.  He is in the process of completing  the L.L.C. paperwork with the Secretary of State, and has consulted with a lawyer and C.P.A. about getting his business off on the right foot. Congratulations to George as he becomes an entrepreneur!