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Glend Jr.

The OLD Car
1973 Vega Wagon

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Glend beautiful Camaro sports a new paint job. 

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                  Glend McDonald         

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Glend's 2005 Racing       Glend's 2006 Racing

Glend passed away on Sept. 29, 2008 after having a motorcycle accident. BMRT and the Nubian Kruzers motorcycle club lost a very fine man, a fine racer, a good rider and a good father. He is survived by his son Glend Jr. and family. We pray that God will continue to take care of Glend and all of his family.

October 8, 2008 - Glend was laid to rest at Port Hudson National Cemetery on Oct. 8, 2008. The service was held at Hall Davis & Son Funeral Service in Baton Rouge, LA.
Rev. Dr. W. Marshall Myles of New St. John Church presided over the ceremonies. The service was very nice and respectful, which featured words of expression by the President of the Nubian Kruzers M/C Club, Mr. Mack Palmer.
Over 250 bikes from all over Baton Rouge and New Orleans lead the procession to the cemetery. There were many more bikers, their companions and friends of the family that attended the service. 
The funeral home owner, Mr. Hall Davis, is a member of the Nubian Kruzers M/C club. He had Glend dressed in his leather M/C vest, white shirt and tie, just as all the M/C club members in attendance were dressed out.
"Big Daddy" had to be happy with his "Home going"!

Glend & Glend Jr. Racing

Glend McDonald, Sr. and Glend Jr. are another of Bracket Masters Father and Son Racing Teams.  Glend Sr. served the teams Vice President for 4 years.  He is currently an honorary member, having stepped down from active membership in October 2006.  Glend had been an active member since 1998.  Glend Sr. is also an active motorcycle rider.  He is presently the Secretary/Treasurer of the "Nubian Kruzers United" Motorcycle Club.  The M/C team has a large membership, each rider having different brands of motorcycles, just whatever fits their fancy.  The bikes are all very beautiful and the team rides all over the state to different events.  Glend is retired and  lives in Baton Rouge, LA. 

Glend has been racing for over 40 years and has owned and driven a variety of cars, many with his trademark name, "McAttack".  Glend and son  retired a 1973 Vega Station Wagon that ran in the Super Gas class of NHRA.  The best time for that car was 9.51 sec.@ 140 MPH, which was turned in at Gateway International during the "Black Sunday" race in St. Louis, MO.  During that race, Glend Jr. did a powerful wheelstand, that tripped the 60' lights on the back wheels.  One young lady came out of the stands and asked for his autograph.  Nobody could talk to him for the remainder of the day! 


Glend & Glend Jr. Racing:

10/12/01 - The Vega had a brush with the State Capitol Dragway wall (both sides), due to a broken steering mechanism.  Little Glend was driving and everyone was holding their breath when he got out of the car and fell to the track surface.  He only had a head bump and some sore spots.  He has fully recovered, but the car will not be repaired.  

11/2/01 - The McAttack III Camaro is in the works.  The Car should be ready for the Chevy vs. Ford & Mopar in Eunice on Nov. 10th & 11th.

11/12/01 - The first trip to the track netted a 10.09 @ 132 MPH.  Several electrical problems surfaced and were fixed.  Some have to be reworked before the next trip to the track.  Most problems were normal shakedown problems for a new combination. 

2/9/02 - Glend took home the 1st place trophy in the Race Car Division of the Krewe of Maringouin Mardi Gras Parade.  Congratulations Glend!

2/16/02 - Glend took the new car down to No Problem Raceway Park and he got into the Nines!!!  Glend called everyone he knew and told all of us about his run, 9.97 sec. @ 132 MPH.  Glend was very happy to say the least!

3/8/02 - Glend is installing new Pro Gears in the Camaro after trashing the old set of gears.  This should make it a little more reliable.  

3/17/02 - The McAttack III Camaro has a new set of Lexan windows and looks real sharp.  A new set of front drag shocks are also being installed.  A front spring on the drivers side, front, was found to be defective and will be replaced.  We should see some better 60' times shortly. 

3/30/02 - Glend ran at No Problem Raceway Park and showed off his new lettering for the McAttack III Camaro.  New springs were installed and some adjustments were done to the rear end.  The car now leaves straight.  Nice job Glend!
GlendMcAttack.JPG (32860 bytes)

4/6/02 - Glend participated in the Scout-O-Rama in New Iberia, LA.  McAttack was looking good, as usual! 
Execs.JPG (34118 bytes) Glend & Skip enjoy the shade at Scout-O-Rama.

4/28/02 - The team traveled to Memphis for the 1st Annual Bracket ShotOut, hosted by the Memphis Tri-State Racers.  McAttack III suffered electrical problems and did not run in eliminations.  Up until that point, everything was working perfect and some good runs were made. Bracket Masters won a trophy for "Best of Show" for the support we gave the race.  There were 43 people and 7 cars from Baton Rouge.

5/10/02 - Glend had the "McAttack III" out for Testing tonight and has some handling problems.  These problems should be taken care of be the start of the points event at State Capitol Dragway this coming week.

6/2/02 - Glend traveled to Budd's Creek, MD with the team for the QuarterMasters SuperCharger Shootout. 

6/23/02 - Glend attended the BMRT Annual Picnic and race.  He won in the first round and was still running when the race was called due to rain.  The race will be completed on July 27, 2002. 

7/27/02 - Glend had the misfortune of losing a front tire while crossing the finish line at over 120 MPH at State Capitol Dragway.  Glend was not hurt but the car suffered sheet metal damage from the tire hitting the inner fender well.

8/11/02 - The McAttack was back on the track, after completing the repairs, at the Baby Pro-Mod Race at No Problem Raceway Park.  After winning the first round of Heads-Up, 1/8 mile racing, the brakes locked up on the car.  Glend had to retire from the race.

9/28/02 - Glend attended the Super Chevy Show at Houston Raceway Park this past weekend.  Glend had trouble, while driving down the interstate to the track, when he lost the front brakes on his custom 2002 Chevy Pickup.  A factory defect resulted in a cracked brake line.  The only thing that saved him was the electric trailer brakes on his enclosed trailer.
After that scary action, Glend had more trouble when the Torque Converter gave up on the McAttack III Camaro before time trials were completed on Saturday.  After that, Glend settled in and enjoyed the show.   

10/5/02 - Glend is ready to go for the race.  The transmission was overhauled by Donald Knots (Certified GM Mechanic) and it is working just fine.  There was nothing wrong with the converter, just the gears in the transmission were broken.  

10/12/02 - More transmission problems, leaks from the oil pump seals, and Glend did not get to run in the Team Challenge Race.  

10/14/02 - Glend's Racecar and enclosed trailer were stolen from in front of his home.  The theft occurred between 10 AM and 4 PM on Monday October 14, 2002.  The trailer is a V-Nose Classic 20 ft., white trailer.  The racecar is pictured on this page
ClassicTrailer2.JPG (37596 bytes)    The trailer looks like this and has the NHRA Number, 400B S/P, in blue lettering on it.  Glend's does not have the A/C unit. 

9/20/03 - Glend has a replacement car.  Purchased during the Summer, it is a 3rd generation Pontiac Firebird.  Glend is still getting all the necessary parts to install the drive train.  He has a motor (BBC) and has located the trans and converter.  
GlendNewCar.jpg (45501 bytes)

3/9/04 - Glend has sold the last Pontiac pictured here.  He will purchase another racecar that is in better shape for where he wants to run.  We hope to see Glend back at the track by our race in September.  

4/16/04 - Glend has purchased a new Yamaha Motorcycle!  It is a beauty.  

GlendsMotorcycle.jpg (42407 bytes)

6/12/04 - Glend traveled to Shreveport with the team to visit Red River Raceway and the Shreveport Racers.

9/5/04 - Glend lost his mother this past weekend.  He had just visited with her in New Orleans on Friday, and she seemed to be doing well.  Our hearts and prayers are with Glend as his family as they go through this time of trial. 

9/23/05 - Glend has purchased the 1968 Camaro formally owned by Al Hubbard and driven by Arnold Jordan.  Glend took the car out for a test drive last night at No Problem Raceway Park and made some easy 9.60 second passes.  Little Glend was on hand to do the driving. 

10/8/04 - Would you believe, 9.602 @ 140 MPH!  Glend will have a spoiler installed, remove the air shifter and install an electric shifter before sending the car to the paint shop.  Glend insists the car will be painted and ready to roll for the Shreveport trip on Oct. 16, 2004

10/15/04 - Would you believe, Glend has the car back from the paint shop.  PHOTOS

10/16/04 - Glend and Little Glend traveled to Shreveport with the new Camaro.  Al Hubbard went along to give some help with the car that he once owned.  They encountered some starting problems that were due to weak batteries, but once started, the car ran just fine.  The best run of the night was 9.58.  Little Glend lost in the first round of eliminations. 

November 13, 2004 - Glend rode his bike over to Louisiana Raceway this weekend to attend Battle On The Bayou.  He did not race, but was just there to enjoy the many beautiful race cars and show cars.  Glend is Secretary/Treasurer of his Bike Club, "Nubian Kruzers".

November 26, 2004 Glend dropped in at No Problem Raceway Park with some of the members of his Motorcycle Club.  Photos

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