BMRT Meeting and Testing at SCR

Tremaine's 1st Pass and team meeting. Other Photos.
DSC02729 DSC02734 DSC02741 DSC02744
DSC02645 DSC02646 DSC02648 DSC02649
DSC02650 DSC02651 DSC02652 DSC02653
DSC02654 DSC02656 DSC02657 DSC02658
DSC02659 DSC02660 DSC02661 DSC02662
DSC02663 DSC02664 DSC02665 DSC02679
DSC02680 DSC02681 DSC02682 DSC02706
DSC02707 DSC02708 DSC02709 DSC02710
DSC02711 DSC02712 DSC02713 DSC02714
DSC02715 DSC02716 DSC02717 DSC02718
DSC02719 DSC02721 DSC02720 DSC02722
DSC02723 DSC02724 DSC02725 DSC02726
DSC02727 DSC02728 DSC02730 DSC02743
DSC02731 DSC02732 DSC02733 DSC02735
DSC02736 DSC02737 DSC02738 DSC02739
DSC02742 DSC02740