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Marcus is a family man first and a Drag Racer next.  Marcus always places his wife Carolyn and daughters Melissa and Eldrika above the racing.  Marcus is a Charter Member, as one of the original nine members of Bracket Master Racing Team in 1996.  

Marcus is a racer that reads everything about drag racing he can get his hands on.  He learns everything about whatever he plans to purchase for his car.  His is one of the most well informed members of the team.  Marcus is always ready to help other team members.  He loves to share his knowledge on the latest and greatest parts that are being sold.  
Marcus is one of the few people working in the field of his lifelong dreams.  Five or six years ago, he went to work for the railroad.  He has endured shift work, working out of town for long periods, not being able to race and other inconveniencies to move up at his railroad job.  After toughing it out and attending classes to be become an engineer, he was promoted to Train Engineer in early 2005.  Now he has time to race again.  Another of his dreams.   
Marcus is one of the few men that had his first car built to his dream specs.  This is the same Black Nova SS that you see here on these pages.  All tube chassis with the latest aluminum inside, the latest front and rear suspension and super paint job.  The car was built by Pro-Fab of Baton Rouge, LA.   Marcus builds his own motors.  That's motors with a "s".  He takes pride in being able to say, "I did the motor myself".  The car started with SBC 406 power (high 9 sec), and then moved up to low 9 second Big Block power.  The next motor was a little milder Big Block that ran in the mid 9's at about 140 MPH.  Marcus has now built a Big Chief BBC motor that runs in the mid 8 second range. 

3/15/02 - Marcus and family traveled to Maryland International Raceway for the QuarterMasters race on June 1, 2002.

4/7/02 - Marcus took to car to State Capitol Dragway for their first Ford & Mopar Vs. Chevy event.  During his last time trial he experienced a blowout of the O-Ring on the top of his RACING FRAM FILTER.  This occurred on the top end of the track, but there was no loss of control and the car was halted with no problems.  Plenty of smoke and oil on the track.  Bracket Master racers (BBC) have not has good luck with any of the Fram Filters.  The car was taken home to inspect the bearings due to low oil pressure when the O-Ring failed.  
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4/28/02 - The team traveled to Memphis, TN for the 1st Annual Bracket Race Shoot Out, sponsored by the Memphis Tri-State Racers.  Marcus won 3 rounds and lost out in the 1/4 finals.  This was good for $100.00!  Marcus had fuel delivery problems most of the weekend and only lost due to a bad bog off the line in the 1/4 finals.  Marcus is looking to upgrade the fuel system on the Nova to solve that problem.  Super racing Marcus, keep up the good work.  This is just a tune-up for the Maryland trip in June! 
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5/24/02 - Marcus has installed two new Holley Fuel pumps and a new fuel filter.  He overhauled the Holley Dominator but the car did not improve.  The car was still not performing as it should off the line.  

5/27/02 - After checking the transmission oil and finding metal filings on the dipstick, Marcus decided to remove the transmission and converter.  He discovered the converter was destroyed inside.  The metal was throughout the system.  In a short 10 hour period, a old transmission was overhauled and a different torque converter was installed and tested.  Clarence Plain, of Plain Racing, provided the shop space and cleaning vat to wash the parts and assemble the transmission.  Marcus did the majority of the trans. overhaul under the watchful eye of Clarence Plain, who is a certified transmission repair technician.  After the overhaul, Marcus, Houston, Reggie, Clarence and Skip installed the transmission.  The transmission was tested on the jack stands and everything worked as it should.  Marcus is ready to roll to Maryland!

6/1/02 - Marcus, Carolyn, Melissa and Eldrika traveled to Budd's Creek, Maryland for the QuarterMasters SuperCharger Shootout.  The team had a total of 3 race cars, 10 adults and 4 children, along for the trip.  During the 2nd time trial Marcus experienced trouble with the transmission and after working on it for some time, he decided to put the car on the trailer.  Marcus and family returned to Baton Rouge via Augusta, GA where they visited with relatives.   

6/15/02 - Marcus is working on overhauling the transmission.  A new style Pro-Trans Brake has been installed and everything is being checked again.  This work should be finished shortly.  
Marcus  Melissa and Carolyn Bowie are working on getting Melissa ready to drive the Jr. Dragster.  Melissa has completed the paper work and is waiting on word from NHRA for her authorization to drive.  

6/22/02 - The Bowie's, Marcus, Carolyn and Melissa, attended the Annual BMRT Picnic at State Capitol Dragway.  Marcus competed in Super Pro class.  The family enjoyed the outing but the race was rained out. 
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8/10/02 - Marcus was back home, fresh out of the initial part of Engineer's School for operating railroad engines.  He has been attending classes in the Memphis, TN area.  He should be in the Baton Rouge area for the next phase of the training.  
Marcus had a chance to run the car for the first time since making modifications to the power train.  After experiencing a major reduction in oil pressure after the first time trial (Fram regular filter), he was able to regain full oil pressure after changing the filter.  After that problem was solved, there were some other minor problems that caused him to put  the car on the trailer for the night.  
Marcus was a perfect team mate by loaning Skip one of his slicks after the second round of competition.  Skip had just won and then had a flat.  This was no easy job due to the rear fender configuration on the Nova.  All the air had to be let out, and it had to be flattened to get the tire off the Nova.  Marcus just happened to have the perfect backspace on his rims to fit on Skip's Camaro (Skip has always said his 12-Bolt was from a Nova.  The axels are 1" shorter than the Camaro 12- Bolt axels).  Marcus will be making the minor repairs and adjustments and will be ready shortly.  

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10/13/02 - Marcus had the black Nova running excellent on Sunday for the Team Challenge Race.  He won his first round race but that was as far as he went.  The car was running the best it had run in a while, turning a 9.41 ET.   Marcus was very pleased with the performance of the Nova. 
Carolyn was busy all weekend selling a variety of club items and working  in the Hospitality Room.  Melissa helped with the Jr. Dragster as a member of the Pit Crew. 

11/1/02 - The Black Nova was at the track for some final data gathering before retiring for the season.  The air was not the best and he recorded a respectable 9.42 at 142 MPH.   The mile per hour increase, of over 2 MPH, was the result of a gear change from 4:88 to 4:56.  We expect the car to be more consistent with the new gears. 

3/21/03 - Marcus took the car to State Capitol Dragway for testing.  He will compete in the Miss. vs. LA race on Sun. 3/23 at NPRP.  Marcus has been very busy all this year with his Railroad work and classes and has not been able to get to the track.  The car ran very respectful during this outing, recording a 9.54 @ 142 MPH off the trailer.  In eliminations he ran a 9.53 on a 9.54, crossing the finish line first but breaking out!

3/23/03 - The Black Nova ran very well at NPRP on Sunday.  Times were very consistent in the 9.42 - 9.44 second area.  Marcus's family was there to lend support and enjoy the racing.  During eliminations, Marcus won in the first round and lost in the second round.  
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