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Bayou Boyz Racing

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Members Profiles

Tarrus Jones - President

Johnny Tate - Vice President

 Willie Davis  - Secretary      

 Mark Washington - Sgt. at Arms     

 James D. Allen  

Willie Bell

Freddie Christopher

Kevin "Outlaw" Gray

Oliver "Skip" Holbert         

 Michael Lathers   

Earl Makey         

George Patin   

Bill Pryor  

Ronald "Rambo" Anderson

Johnell Redd

Melvin Scott

Joe Scott

Rev. Malcolm Stovall

Gary Young



Honorary Members

  Warren Birkett  Marcus Bowie  Shelia Davis    J. C. Floyd  (D)  

Ronald & Kathleen Saizon  Houston Hawkins       Van Johnson  

Glend McDonald  (D)     J. Lacey (D)

Mrs. Jerri Harris (D)     James Moore    

Tery Red    James Richardson (D)   Keith "Young Blood" Veal  

 Eddie White  (D)

_Team By-Laws_


Community Activities & Events

Community Benefit Fund

Capital High School
Car Show

Prescott Middle School
Career Day

Glen Oaks HSAuto Tech. Class   Pg.2

Jr. Dragster Program 
(Program Suspended)

 Jr. Dragster Racing
Pg.3  Pg4
 (Program Suspended)

J. D. Saizon, III.

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